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Sprue use leaves Paederia scandens

Sprue use leaves Paederia scandens

A. Description of plant leaves fart

Sprue use leaves Paederia scandens
Herbalife - Leaves fart has the Latin name Paederia scandens is the kind of plants of the household Rubiaceae. The plants are weeds within the open like shrubs. Called leaf fart seeing that it has the scent is just not exceptional human-like odor of flatus. Leaves fart has a single lengthy-stemmed leaves attain 1-5 cm, round to oblong egg. Even as the base of the leaves are heart-shaped, tapered and flat edges.

In some areas, Leaf fart has another name - the change like in Sunda leaves fart known by way of the identify Kahitutan. Kasembukan call in Java and Madura also referred to as Kasembukan or Bintaos. Within the discipline of ​​Ternate in Gumi referred to as Siki and in Sumatra often known as Sembukan very like Java. At the same time in China leaves fart known as by Ji Shi Teng.

Utilization can fart leaves as a vegetable and fresh vegetables. Moreover fart leaves additionally efficacious medication more than a few ailments. Among the many houses of the leaves is the most famous fart would treat ulcers, snake pox (herpes zoster), stomach discomfort, overcome flatulence, overcoming malnutrition in toddlers because of indigestion and deal with ache because of blockage of critical vigor and blood drift.


how to broaden the plant there various ways. Nevertheless, tips on how to multiply these vegetation most effective two newly recognized. How its spread may also be performed by spreading seeds, or with cuttings trunk street.

B. Substances thought and Drug Efficacy of Leaf Fart:

The composition of fart leaves contain many useful materials. In the stems and leaves incorporate: asperuloside, deacetylasperuloside, scandoside, paederosid, paederosidic acid and gamma-sitosterol, arbutin, oleanolic acid and evaporate the oil.

C. Herbalife Prescription advantages fart leaves for natural well being

section USED:
The whole herb or root. Once accumulated, washed then dried, saved in a dry situation, to be used if necessary.

1. Sprue

1/6 fart handful of leaves, leaf handheld slobber 1/5, 1/four handheld sage leaves, leaf pulp telephone 1/5, 1/four sembung (Paederia scandens) handheld, handheld gotu kola 1/four, 3/four teaspoon fennel, 3 / four fingers pulosari (Alyxia Reinwardtii Bl.), three/4 teaspoon coriander, half of a finger rhizome of Zingiber, half finger turmeric, cinnamon three/4 finger, 0.33 finger palm sugar, washed and cut into portions as needed. Boil with four half of cups water. Unless the rest approximately 1/2. After chilling filtered, divided for three instances the drink, exhausted in at some point.

2. The eyes suppose sizzling and swollen

Leaf sufficiently washed and boiled with water. After boiling raised, folks are seated on the steam. When water is heat, the leaves are wrapped in a piece of material, situation it over the affected eye until the leaves grow to be bloodless, the new compress changed.

3. Ailing stomach (gastritis), flatulence, dysentery

15-60 g of recent leaves washed and pounded until pasty. Add 1 cup of boiled water and 1-2 teaspoons of salt, stir good and then filtered. Drink earlier than eating.

4. Herpes zooster (bird snake)

The leaves are washed and pounded except pasty. Add slightly water and salt to style, to be massaged tiny bubbles surrounding dermis.

5. Stomach mules seeing that of the wind

25 leaves fabricated from greens or steamed, eaten as be eaten mature. To the external, the withered leaves on fire and hooked up to the abdomen.

6. Inflammation of the center ear

1/2 handful of leaves washed and finely ground. Squeeze with 1 tablespoon of salt water, squeezed and filtered. The water is used for drip child sore ear. Squirt four-6 instances a day, at any time when three drops.

7. Eczema, epidermis itching (pruritus), neurodermatitis

Stems and recent leaves sufficiently washed and finely ground, connect the place of disorder.

8. Eliminate pain as a result of cancer

Recent plant 15-60 gr boiled in 3 cups water 1 cup so drink as well, or mixer, filtered water, wring it out.

9. Diabetes will not be tender

Take plant 15 - 60 grams, boil, strain after which drink.

10. Heartburn

1 handful fresh sembukan (Paederia scandens) leaves; Water sufficiently, contused, Drink 1 a day 1/four cup.

Already made injectable medicinal drugs. Injection these medicinal drugs lead to localized agony. Drinking natural evoked a strange scent within the air of the wearer's breath and urine.

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