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Headache remedies use Quisqualis Indica 

A. Description of plants

Headache remedies use Quisqualis Indica
Plants gulp Latin Quisqualis Indica that in our daily language is handiest referred to as tanaman''ceguk'' we themselves do not realize what it method to gulp, but at the back of the brief name that has advantages which is priceless for our wellbeing and cure of disorder.

Vegetation twisted to the left or to climb, from 1.5 to 5 m high. The leaves are roughly craggy face, too scattered; stalk 0.5-2 cm; strand elongated oval, 5 to 18.5 times from 2.5 to 9 cm. Plants at the end and within the armpits in the ears of the flowering; bract fall before blooming or constant, to a length of two cm. Unisexual flower petals 2. Tubes direct, brief-haired, yellow-inexperienced; petals 5, triangular, three-4 mm long. 

Petals 5, sitting, forms an elongated, first white, then purple, sooner or later dark red, to 1.5 cm in length. 10. Pistil stalk stamen size, on one aspect of the tube united with the petals, stamens show up collectively far past the crown. Fruit elongated shape, with a narrow base and tip, with 5 ribs, darkish brown, 2.5-four instances 1 cm. Most effective within the discipline of ​​culture; 1-300 m. Possibly wild crops; additionally planted as an ornamental or medicinal crops. Note: Fruit within the Java rarely. Part Used seed and leaves.
Neighborhood title
nearby name: Dani, Udani, Wudani, Bidani (Sunda); Kacekluk, kaceklik, gulp, Cekluk, Wedani (Java); Rabet dani (Madura); Kunyi-rhabet, Rhabet iron, Sarandengan (Kangean); Tikao (Bugis). Foreign identify: identify simplisia Quisqualis indicae Cement; Seeds gulp.

B. Supplies thought and Drug Efficacy of gulp

1. The ripe fruit comprises potassium quisqualata, most saturated fats and puridine trigonelline.
2. The skin of fruit and leaves incorporate potassium quisqualata.
Three. Curiosity involves cyaniding monoglycoside.
Four. The leaves and stalks contain tannins, saponins, sulfur, calcium oxalate, fats, peroxidase, protein. Benefit leaves gulp

C. Herbal use Quisqualis Indica 

1. Headache remedies

Furnish some leaves of vegetation gulp, wash them smooth, pulverized or crushed plant leaves until half-ruined gulp, gulp Then use plant leaves as a poultice or paste as a compress on the temples, put off the leaves if the headache has begun to subside

2. Ear agony

Easy the leaves gulp crucial clean, finely overwhelmed, then squeeze. Drops the juice on the affected ear of 1-2 drops.

3. Treating pinworms

Unroasted beans to cook, is consumed by way of chewing two hours just earlier than consuming. Babies three-15 seeds / day, adults 15 -30 seeds / day, for 3 meals in the course of the 15 days.

4. Treating Worms Bracelet

for kids 3-5 crushed seeds, consume. Roots 2 fingers on the boil with 2 cups of water, add a little bit sugar, unless the rest one cup. Ingesting morning rapidly before eating.

5. Treating Worms Mine

Gulp beans washed, and finely floor. Pour 2 cups hot water and 1 tablespoon of honey, heat drink night at bedtime.

6. Overcome ailment Fungus on epidermis

3-9 Milled grain gulp fruit except smooth after which add the coconut oil as needed. Follow section with the fungus with standard manner.

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