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menstrual pain use Achillea millefolium

menstrual pain use Achillea millefolium 

A. Description of Plant leaf thousand

menstrual pain use Achillea millefolium
Herbalife - Foliage plants thousand in the Latin time period often called Achillea millefolium L. These crops are herbaceous (grass - grass) 15-50 cm tall. ramified pinnate leaves, the vegetative period, forming a rosette of leaves grow, for the reason that the stem has now not but seemed on the bottom, the width of the leaves of best 2 mm. Flowers in clusters that type the umbrella reddish or white, yellow tube, at the time of flowering stalk grows speedily so that it looks her segment elongated. The fruit is small and the skin is not broken.
A hairy plant with needle-like leaves and soft, as good as small-sized plants formed like umbrellas.

B. Description of plant leaf thousand

Habitus: Shrubs, height 45 cm.
Trunk: no longer woody, circular, segmented, green.
Leaves: Compound, double pinnate, sat hugging the trunk, ramified, rounded or blunt tip, base slim, 2-35 cm lengthy, 1-4 cm wide, green.
Curiosity: Compound, on the finish of the rod, a conical form, diameter 1,5 cm, pistil looming exit, five crowns, serrated blunt, tube three to 10, white.
Fruit: Small, oval, brown.
Seed: Small, flat, black,
Roots: Stables, light brown.

C. Chemical ingredients

Achiltea millefolium leaves and roots include saponins and flovonoida, furthermore it additionally includes polyphenols roots and leaves also incorporate primary oils.
Habitat: Grows good within the altitude of 900-1500 m above sea stage.
Part of the plant used: entire plant
Chemical materials: Akhileina; Stakhidrina; Kholina; Polina; apigenin; inulin; flavones; Benzaldehidsianhidrin glycosides; Tanning substances; asparagine; Fatty oils.
Benefits: diaforetik; antipyretic; diuretics; hypotensive; Antiseptic.
Simplesia name: Achilleae millefolli Herba

D. Herbal efficacy Yarrow

Achillea millefolium leaves as a treatment menstrual soreness and upset belly.

1. For menstrual discomfort treatment

Used 20 grams of Achillea millefolium leaves, washed and boiled with 1 cup of water for 15 minutes, filtered cold after. Distillate drink as good

2. Neurological disorders

30 g dried leaves of a thousand; 2 cups water, boil except the liquid leaves to 1 cup, Drink every hour

3. Overcome Indigestion

Thousand leaves 1 tablespoon finely floor; 1 tablespoon honey, stir each into one, drink three occasions a day; whenever I drink one cup; every day must consume papaya.

4. Laxative fart (bloodless treatment), laxative sweat, laxatives (constipation medication), and fever (fever medication)

One handheld or about 15 grams of fresh leaves and plant life thousand washed. Add water 500 cc (½ liter) and boiled. Simmer three minutes. Water boiled filtered and drunk after a bloodless.

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