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Diabetes use Anarcardium Occidentale

Diabetes mellitus use Anarcardium Occidentale

A. Description of the plant

Diabetes use Anarcardium Occidentale
Guava Monkey For health advantages. Who does not know this one fruit, a fruit identified for cashew tasty and rich in nutrition, excessive protein is a detailed fruit.
How now not, if mainly the top of the fruit will be above however with one more cashew has reversed fist which then became the name of the fruit is the cashew nut, this means that putting the wrong way up like a monkey.
Guava Monkey or in Latin named "Anarcardium Occidentale, Linn" is a famous fruit will style bitter.

1. The plant has a number of characteristics, including:

Medium-sized tree, which is able to reach 12 meters and branching.
The leaves are green and located on the ends of twigs circular with a size of eight to 22 cm and a width of between 5 and 13 cm.
Unisexual flower petals mix has blond and spiky crown shaped flowers.
Had the actual fruit is delicate materials are normally yellow or pink which has a bitter taste fresh and candy combined with astringent style.
The resulting fruit blackish brown seeds where there are more conversant in cashews.

B. The content material of rose apple monkey

Cashew-containing compounds reminiscent of tannins, acid and cardol anacardic, which are priceless as antibacterial and antiseptic. Apart from the leaves are still younger even have chemical materials equivalent to diet A for 2689 Sl per a hundred grams, 65 grams of vitamin C per one hundred grams, calories seventy three g per a hundred g, protein four.6 g per a hundred g, fats zero.5 g per 100 grams, sixteen.3 grams carbohydrate per 100 g, calcium 33 mg per 100 g, phosphorus sixty four mg per 100 g, 8.9 mg of iron and seventy eight grams of water per a hundred grams. Advantages cashew absolutely very much with the content material contained therein.
Diet C content of the cashew 4-fold when in comparison with oranges which have lengthy been considered as a bank vitamin C.

C. Benefits cashew

The cashew plant is one kind of dicotyledonous crops (having a single seed) which have more than a few makes use of, be it from the trees, the leaves, the actual fruit, and seeds

1. Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes in unique diabetes mellitus will also be handled through utilising a potion constructed from the cashew plant stems. The trick is to boil the bark of vegetation cashew +/- 2 slices and fennel pulowaras (Foeniculum vulgare) making use of 2 liters of fresh water. After boiling, strain the cooking water and commonplace consumption of 2 occasions a day ie within the morning and afternoon.

2. As the material consumption

The leaves of the cashew plant can be utilized as one supply of greens. On the whole persons use it for greens.
Artificial fruit of those crops may also be consumed straight. This section most commonly has a sour style, recent, sweet style astringent combined. This part can be fermented for use as a beverage that has an alcohol content material high.
Materials of plants or seeds that we all know as cashews many persons used as one in all a tasty snack. Moreover, we additionally as a rule find cashews are used as a garnish or pastries.

3. As fodder

The plant can also be used instead feed for livestock. Part of plants that can be used incorporate leaves, artificial fruit, or skin of the untreated seeds. Crops that can be used as animal feed

4. To preservatives

The shell of the cashew produce a type of oil that be named CNSL (Cashew Nut Shell Liquid) which is used in enterprise, specifically as a preservative. For illustration, for timber, nets, etc.

5. It protects the body from cancer

one of the crucial content material of vitamins and minerals akin to nutrients, fiber, and minerals contained within the cashews have been believed to promote the well being of the human physique in an effort to eventually support preserve the body against harmful illnesses akin to cancer.

6. Dysentery

To deal with this sickness, attempt to eat in general potion constructed from the leaves of the cashew (+/- 1 handheld) with a cashew bark is boiled with +/- ½ liters of clean water. Drink 2 instances a day in the morning and afternoon.

7. Irritation In Mouth

Herb that comes from a blend between the leaves and bark of the cashew can be used within the remedy of inflammatory disorders of the mouth. The way in which is to boil - / + 1 handheld guava leaf monkey and 1 piece of bark from the trunk of the cashew by using using 1 liter of fresh water. As soon as the water is boiling, pressure the combo and commonplace consumption of two occasions a day ie morning and afternoon.

8. Because the adhesive and anti-termite tools

Stems are part cashew plant that normally has a brown color. This section is regarded to have a low price, considering that utilization is traditionally most effective as firewood or utensil with a relatively low high-quality. However, the sap produced once we injure the stem section or quite often known as gum can be utilized as an adhesive, comparable to a publication or as an adhesive for plywood like frame. It's also priceless to preclude animal attacks like termites on timber.

9. Herbal Viagra

Cashew leaves the younger are most likely used as recent greens and vegetable substances. Young leaves of cashew has capabilities such as natural extracts slender and likewise capabilities as a stimulant drug lust.

10. Sore throat

Wash 5 cashew nut artificial fruit entirely, then grate. Add four tablespoons of cooking water and 2 tablespoons of honey, stirring evenly. Juicing these parts, then stress. Use water filter to rinse (be devoured), 3 times a day, each and every 2 tablespoons.

11. Sprue

Wash a handful of young leaves and a section of bark cashew nut fully, then boiled in 1 liter of water to boiling (for quarter-hour. As soon as cool, pressure and filter competent to drink. Cure is finished 2-three instances a day, every 1 cup . Stew can also be used for rinsing mouthwash.

12. Uric acid | hypertension treatment

Sliced ​​handful of cashew guava leaves, younger, then boiled in 3 cups of water unless the remaining 1 cup. Once cool, strain and filter ingesting water, 2 times a day, each ½ cup.

13. Bitten with the aid of a rattlesnake

be fried some cashew guava fruit (containing the seeds) except the yellow outer dermis to do away with toxins that may motive skin irritation. After the yellow, dispose of the seeds. In the solar to dry, then grind unless smooth. Use this mixture to sow wounds induced via toxic snake bites.

14. Toothache, gingivitis

be fried 5 grains dried cashews to yellow, then milled into powder. Take 1 teaspoon of the powder, then add ¼ teaspoon of honey. Stir unless gentle, then put on cavities or across the gums are infected.

15. Overcoming stiff

Take 10 GR cashew young leaves were washed and 7 GR kencur (Kaempferia galanga), then mash except soft, add a hundred and ten ml of heat water. Strain and drink filtered water as a lot as 1 times a day.

16. Healthy Eye

diet A in the fruit of the cashew role in the formation of the experience of sight for humans. These nutrition will help convert the sign molecules of light bought through the retina to emerge as a projection picture in our brains. Compounds that performs a key role on this regard is retinol. Together with rhodopsin, retinol compounds kind a difficult gentle-sensitive pigment to transmit gentle signals to the mind. Mostly eat cashew will support to nourish the organs of sight.

17. Overcoming anemia

Cashew fruit includes iron which could be very valuable for preventing anemia. Ingesting cashew repeatedly able to cope with anemia. Iron has a very main function, which is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and transports electrons in the approach of formation of power in cells.

18. Constipation

Wash 10 g cashew bark rose apple utterly, then boiled in two cups of water (for 20 minutes). As soon as cool, strain and filter ingesting water, 2 times a day (as a lot).

D. Various Processed Cashew

Cashew guava or cashew (Anacardium occidentale), together with vegetation that seed into portions two or often known as seed vegetation cut up. The right title for this plant is classified leafy plant two corporations also known as browsing seed plants. Cashew timber have uneven and brown historical. Leaf quick-stemmed and elliptical (oval) with grooved edges, and sketch the framework leaves certainly obvious. The plant life are white. A part of his enlarged, fleshy, juicy, and aeneous is synthetic fruit.

That phase is not the precise fruit, but the fruit stalk enlarged. Actual cashew fruit regularly known as cashew (cashew), the kidney-formed stone fruits with difficult skin and the seeds were dashed two via epidermis that contain latex.
Cashew fruit can be processed right into a sort of processed types comparable to cashew wine, dried candied, cashew butter, canned fruit, jam cashew, nata de casew and syrup. The syrup got from the urgent cashew fruit cashew fruit with out fermentation. 

Synthetic fruit guava syrup priceless as refreshment ample grain incorporate  diet C, just served when the climate is sizzling and fit as a contemporary drink throughout fasting.
Jem is a semi-strong food created from fruit and sugar with a whole solids content material of at the least 65 percentage, within the type of beaten fruits (eg, blended) and has the aroma and taste of the common fruit. Most of the time used to consume bread spread.

1. Processing Cashew Trailers

a. Separation Trailers:
artificial fruit is separated from the logs manually,
Separate between the logs that bright skin and no wrinkles,
Separate between colossal and small logs.
b. Drying:
The logs which were sorted instantly dried through drying,
Drying is usually lasts for 2-3 days.
c. Packing and Storage:
After drying, the spindle nut wind cooling it for twenty-four hours, then p.C. In a sack,
The logs will also be stored or may also be despatched to the company or to merchants, and exporters,
If the logs will likely be saved, it desires to be stored in an hermetic tin.
d. Processing Cashew Nuts
instruments: parer ordinary or parer swivel, roasters instrument
spindle nut
e. Processing process
Peeling is frequently accomplished manually through utilising usual or swivel.
To facilitate breaking logs can also be fried / roasted upfront, both through frying or by means of a rotating drum roasters or roasters may additionally by way of synthetic.
Separate flayed dermis in a way (to the farmer).
As for the exporters of cashew nuts which were cleared of the husk sorted to workforce (grading) into the entire nuts (whole), cut up (cut up) and damaged (broken).

E. Various Fruit Processing  pseudo

1. Contemporary Fruit:

In a slightly small amount of man-made fruit per item can be sold instantly, as recent fruit may also be eaten directly.
Artificial fruit can be used for compost;

2. Cashew Nut Syrup

a. Fabric:
Cashew fruit 1 kg = 25-30 pieces. For the syrup materials will have to be used artificial fruit freshly harvested earlier been steamed or soaked in saline solution 2.5% for 4 hours to relieve instead wry and itching.
NaCl 20 grams, 2 grams of gelatin powder, sugar 650-seven-hundred grams, 3 grams of citric acid.
b. Processing method:
Cashew fruit is ripe washed and been excellent, with a incapacity are still recent.
Fruit cut up four components and then soaked in an answer of salt (NaCl) 2% for 24 hours. 2% salt solution is all set via dissolving 20 grams of the kitchen (± 6 teaspoon salt) in 1 liter of water.
After the fruit is eliminated, washed with water and then drained, Steam for 20 minutes, and left to chill.
Fruit pressed by way of urgent or squeezed through fruit wrapped with filter cloth and pressed by hand.
Liquid juice is then accrued in a container and filtered
Add 2 grams of gelatin powder into the liquid juice, then heated for 10 minutes at the same time stirring. Gelatin services to bind nice dust which then coagulates and is precipitated.
The fluid is then filtered once more to separate the sludge.
Add sugar 650-seven-hundred grams and three grams of powdered citric acid (or lemon juice four cloves). Citric acid is introduced to generate taste delicious and aromatic.
Heat while stirring 15-20 minutes to dissolve the sugar and different materials.
Enter the syrup that has been so within the bottle and the bottle is sealed and then do pasteurization.
Pasteurization is done by heating to a temperature of 60 - 70 C for 30 minutes. The motive of pasteurization is to kill pathogenic microbial-microbial.

3. Processing Cashew Wine

a. Tool:
Blender, calico cloth / flannel, cask timber / container rustproof.
Ammonium phosphate, citric acid, metabisulfite resolution, diet B, Sari bean sprouts, salt resolution, White Eggs, Yeast (yeast Shacharmyces cereviceae), sugar.
b. Approaches of constructing:
Cashew fruit have ripened optimally and in excellent situation and fresh,
Cashew fruit is washed with warm water or metabisulphite resolution (to minimize filth and minimize contamination microorganisms,
Cashew fruit is boiled in an answer of salt after which washed with heat water (to dispose of residual salt);
overwhelmed cashew fruit blender to be pureed and squeezed the juice that comes out is accumulated in a stainless container,
Fruit juice pasteurized by heating to a temperature of 60 ° - 70 ° C (pasteurization goals to kill microorganisms);
The acidity of the juice made at pH 4. Hence, in the fruit juice is brought ammonium phosphate, nutrition B and citric acid,
Fruit juice is fermented with yeast S. Cereviceae add, sugar and cider sprout.
Fermented within the form of semi-completed wine. The wine is then filtered through a first-rate sieve or a smooth flannel several instances to acquire a clear wine. The precipitate is filtered discarded.
Harvesting grapes is finished after 8-9 months in wooden barrels or stainless containers;
After harvesting, purification carried out again via adding egg whites as so much as 1.2 ml per liter of wine. Deposition of wine will also be coagulated with the aid of heating at 70 ° C.
The wine is cooled rapidly, so that the sharp aroma. In addition, the wine is filtered and put back in the bottle that has been boiled (so hygiene).

4. Processing Candied Dry

a. Fabric :
Salt solution, metabisulfite, sugar syrup, citric Asama, Sodium benzoate
b. Methods of constructing:
selected cashew fruit that was once historic, cook dinner, and no longer disabled;
Cashew fruit is washed and discarded fruit base. To get a excellent candied fruit is preferably selected cashew remains to be intact;
After washing the cashew fruit soaked in a solution of salt and brought k-metabisulfite;
Cashew fruit is washed once more with sizzling water to put off residual salt and then in blanched (dipped in boiling water) by way of blanching the fruit colour is extra durable and does now not turn out to be black;
mix the sugar syrup and citric acid (beforehand boiled) is poured right into a container and soaked fruit;
After immersion finished sugar liquor is separated from the fruit and then do a 2nd immersion;
In anticipation of fungal attack which most effective preserve one week need the addition of preservatives comparable to sodium benzoate or citric acid;
The last stage is dried by means of the sun or artificial drying.
Once dried candied equipped for the market.

5. Processing Cashew Butter

selected cashew fruit that was historical, cook, and no longer disabled;
Cashew fruit is washed and discarded fruit base;
the bottom and tip eliminated fruit and blanching;
After the fruit is pulverized to form a slurry with a luggage blender and then cleared up. Purification will also be executed with the aid of filtering the cashew fruit pulp with grey material or by means of adding egg whites into it;
To extract the pectin contained in the community of fruit, fruit pulp is boiled and blended with sugar (if you wish to taste jam like style rake, then that you would be able to add citric acid or lemon juice;
Dough jam once more be heated and stirred to kind a thick jam.

6. The Jem Jam Cashew

chosen cashew synthetic fruit that has matured, not broken or bruised and recent;
Cashew fruit is washed with jogging water so that dirt does now not fall behind within the container or the showering bath;
Cashew fruit is clean soaked in a solution of salt, then washed with heat water to clean the remnants of salt;
Cashew fruit blanching and then pulverized with a bags blender to kind a slurry, after it is cooked with sugar and boiled until thick.

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