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Uric acid use Sida rhombifolia

Uric acid use Sida rhombifolia

A. Description of vegetation sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L)

Uric acid use Sida rhombifolia
Herbalife - Crops Sidaguri or in Latin called with (Sida rhombifolia L) is a plant species that unfold in tropical areas around the world from the lowlands to 1,450 m above sea stage. In Indonesia on my own Sidaguri normal and grows wild on the roadside, web page grassy, forests, fields, and areas with shiny sunlight or much less protected - See more at:
attribute of this plant is excessive 2 M, branched stems, many tiny hairs that develop in dense stems and leaves. Has a white-green colour. The leaves have a single, alternate place, jagged edges, sharp edges with dense fur, with pinnate hoarding.
The underside of leaves develop brief hair with gray, and measuring 1-four cm x 1-1.5 cm. Models comprise single flower, a vivid yellow color. Stamens develop collectively to type a tube from the bottom of the flower. Corolla green, curved edges.
Flowers grow from the armpit leaves, blooms around 12 noon, and withered three hours later. Sidaguri fruit includes a residing room / kendaga 8-10 pieces, and has a diameter of 6-7 mm and when the historical black. Its roots are white.
Plant characteristics Sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L)These vegetation normally grow in shrubs.

B. Can Di Aquaculture

1. The plant leaves sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L)

Leaves sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) have content material of alkaloids, calcium oxalate, tannins, saponins, phenolic, amino acids and there includes oil. Which may also be useful to aid the natural therapies.

2. Stem vegetation sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L)

Sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) rod involves calcium oxalate and there is tannin content. Can in advantages for treating different types of illnesses are herbaceous.

3. Plant roots sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L)

The roots are in section alkaloid content, the content material of steroids and the quantity of ephedrine.

C. Herbal use Sida rhombifolia

1. Uric acid treatment

Use 5 sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) stem roots and wash them clean, then reduce into small portions and boiled with 2 cups water to a boil, then pour into a cup in the lid except one night time, later drunk before breakfast the next day to come. And within the afternoon earlier than the drink warms prematurely. Do except it quite benefits.

2. Rheumatism treatment

Use all elements of the plant together with the leaf stem roots as a lot as 60 grams of dried, then all the components are boiled with sufficient water to boiling and then taken most likely 2 days 1 instances in the morning and afternoon earlier than the break.

3. Overcome Sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) Worms

Leaves 1/5 handheld washed and finely ground, add three/4 cup lukewarm water and somewhat salt, squeeze and drink 2 x a day, repeated for 4 days.

4. Sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) overcome Toothache

Take a style Roots sidaguri, washed smooth and chewed, and if the teeth usually are not strong to bite may also be mashed and take the juice to rinse your mouth.

5. Sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) to treat a bee sting

Take all of the good components of the plant sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) leaf, stem and root mash and rub partially on a bee sting.

6. Sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) to cure asthma

Use of plant roots sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) 60 gr then washed clean and plus 30 grams of sugar, then boiled with 2 cups water unless the remaining 1 cup and ingesting water intervenes every day until it feels usefulness.

7. Continual Ulcers

For medicines taken, thinly sliced ​​stem and root dry sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) (60 g). Add brown sugar (30 g) and boiled water taste except simplisia completely submerged, then the crew. After chilling, consuming water as well.

8. Eczema

Wash fresh herbs sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) (60 g), then reduce into portions as needed. Put it in a bowl, add water and prepare dinner until submerged thoroughly staff. After a cold, drink the water.

9. Epidermis itch, ringworm of the pinnacle

Wash the leaves sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) recent taste, then finely beaten. Add oil, then stir unless evenly disbursed. Observe on the epidermis that itch or ringworm. Repeat thrice a day unless healed.

10. Gland tuberculosis

For drugs taken, cud sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) recent herbs (60 g), then cut into pieces as needed. Add the meat (60 g), then the team. After chilling, ingesting water and the meat is eaten. For topical use, milled fresh leaves except tender, then placed on the enlarged lymph nodes.

11. Late menstruation

Wash the roots sidaguri (30 g), then chop finely. Add the meat (30 g), after which boiled. After a cold, drink the water and devour the meat. Do it for a few days.

12. Shortness of breath (bronchial asthma)

Sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) root into skinny slices (60 g), add sugar (30 g), then boiled with three cups of water unless the rest one cup. Once cool, strain and drink twice a day, each half a pitcher.

13. Belly heartburn

chunk sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) and ginger root to style, then swallow the water

14. Bleeding wounds

Wash the roots sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L) fresh style, then mash unless gentle. Stick it on the bleeding wound, and dressing.

15. Snakebite

The right way to use
To drink, take three-6 gr already dip stem roses upfront as above, then boiled drink when cool.

Pregnant females are forbidden to use these medicinal crops.

D. Process of cultivation:

by using seed or cuttings, easy preservation. Shrubs, woody stems, circular, greenish-white colour. Single leaves, alternate, heart shape, meeting hairy, inexperienced color. Single flower, oval, within the armpit leaves, yellow petals. Stone fruit, young fruit colored inexperienced, black historical fruit.

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