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Cough use Justicia gendarussa

Cough medicine use Justicia gendarussa 

A. Description of the plant

Cough use Justicia gendarussa
Herbalife - Poplars by the scientific title Justicia gendarussa Burm. F has Synonym gendarussa vulganis Nees and gendarussa nosea Rumph. Integrated within the Acanthaceae Familia. There is additionally yet another plant as a shrub with the equal title. The wild plant willow often called frog eggs in the book Medicinal plants Indonesia newsletter MOH. He still Familia Acanthaceae. In Sumatra, he used to be known as willow, compounding and white puli. In Sulawesi-referred to as bungo bungo. Willow seeds alias frog eggs are recognized to simplicia Hygrophilae Cement. benefit chemical materials are alkaloids and enzymes. Usefulness seed frog eggs to velocity cooking boils.

Description plants shrubs, erect, approximately 1.8 meter excessive picket rods, rectangular, branched, segmented, brown. Single leaf, lanceolate, three to 6.2 cm lengthy, 1.5 to three.5 cm vast, strengthened pinnate, dark inexperienced color. Compound curiosity, kind panicle, 3-12 cm lengthy, crown form of a tube, two-lipped, crimson. Fruit shape mace, seeding of four, smooth, younger inexperienced after black mothers and fathers.

B. Content

Willow contains: Alkaloids are rather poisonous, justicin, potassium and main oils.
Chemical properties of spicy, rather sour, and impartial.
Gandarusa fermatologis influence, equipped to enhance blood circulation and anti-rheumatic.

Section Used: entire plant. Folium Gendanussae Simplisia name for Gandarusa Leaves and Roots Gendanussae Radix for Gandarusa. Average properties of Gandarusa spicy, moderately acid, neutralize, and blood circulation. Chemical parts Leaf Gandarusa: alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, and polyphenols. Roots Gandarusa: yustisina alkaloids and most important oils. Efficacy Gandarusa analgesics, antipyretics, diafonetik, diuretic and sedative. Usefulness Gandarusa: 1. Irregular menstruation; 2. Boils (topical); three. Bruising (topical); 4. Fracture (topical); 5. Purulent epidermis inflammation (drug outer); 6. Rheumatism (topical); 7. Headache (topical).

C. Herbal potions willow (Justicia gendarussa)

1. Cough treatment

Washing gandapura (Justicia gendarussa) 10 gr of recent roots, then cut into skinny. Boiled in three cups of water except the remaining 1 cup. Once cool, pressure and drink, everyday 2 times, each and every half of cup

2. Complications

comfort: Leaves of recent Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) a couple of strands, a number of grains of pepper, water. Directions: crushed to type a paste. How, use: used as observe on the temples and forehead, if quintessential, protected with a damp cloth. Length of medication: Repeated each 3 hours.

3. Uric acid

comfort: Leaves of recent Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) few strands, recent amethyst leaves just a few strands, some Black pepper grains, water as needed. Recommendations: beaten to form a paste. The right way to use: used as apply on the painful phase, when want wrapped with a humid cloth. Period of remedy: Repeated each three hours.

4. Sprains, damaged bones

Boil the leaves recent or dried willow with 3 cups of water except the remainder 1 cup. After a cold pressure and drink morning and night. Each and every ½ cup.

5. Hormonal Contraception (please Alert for guys)

These herbs into male contraception in Papua. Their original approach of marriage requires men to consume leaves Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) as neighborhood wisdom to prevent being pregnant. Turns Gandarusa plant has anti-spermatozoa, or kill sperm (see additionally: advantages cilantro). Research conducted by authorities on the Papuans, to prove it. This time it used to be already patented invention.

6. Facilitate Diabetes medications

Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) leaves have a diuretic outcome. Can be utilized for medications persons who have difficulties cannot pee. Drinking boiled water is continuously Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) leaves about 2 occasions a day will be ready to therapy it.

7. Warmness Loss Drug

This herb has analgesic outcome, to lower the temperature. Gandarusa consuming water decoction of the leaves up to 2 occasions a day except the warmth down. Can also be compressed physique with finely ground leaves are massaged into the body.

8. Drug Headache

Drink a pitcher of water decoction of the leaves Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa), continuously as much as 2 times a day.

9. Stimulant medications for Vomiting

Air Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) leaf decoction taken 2 instances a day with a view to set off vomiting.

10. Drug Facial Paralysis

Water Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) leaf decoction is used to wash my face. Massage-therapeutic massage on the face of the in poor health.

11 For external use:

Pee fresh herbs, then connect to the sore spot, reminiscent of broken bones, swelling, sprains, swelling of the glands, and ulcers. Use the juice of recent leaves As drops on a sore ear. Will also be used herbs boiled water to clean sores and ulcers.

12. Treating Ulcers, sores or fractures

Washing fresh leaves and grind unless tender. Dab the blend to a boil, ulceration or broken bones (fractures) then wrapped with linen bandages.

13. Drug Bruising

remedy: Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) contemporary leaves some strands and coconut oil to taste. Guidelines: withered over low warmth. Find out how to use: Affixed to the epidermis that bruises.

D. How to Use Leaves Gandarusa

Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) plant utilization for the therapy of the above, can take skills of the contemporary leaves, roots or rhizomes, or leaves which have been dried.
Use of Outer wound. This process is used for bruises, swelling, sprains, arthritis, ulcers, eczema, and fractures.

Puree or mash and squeeze contemporary Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) wound leaves, let the water is blended out. Then follow to the in poor health, comparable to damaged bones, bruises, swelling, sprains, ulcers or other. Perform events until the wound is healed.

Puree or mash and squeeze contemporary Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) wound leaves, then use the juice of fresh leaves as drops on a sore ear, or eye discomfort.

The juice might also compress or disinfectant to wash sores and ulcers.
Wind Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) wound leaves on fire. After the withered leaves paste on the body bruised. Might also finely ground leaves practice in the above method. Can be coupled with a decoction is drunk. Wait a second, then bruising or swelling will deflate by way of itself.

Drugs are drunk. Used for blood circulation, anti-rheumatic, or induce vomiting.
Put together as so much as 20 Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) wound leaves, washed and boiled until utterly boil. Permit the water to are living up to a 3rd. Remove and stress the water, then drink consistently morning or afternoon @ 1 cup. Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) leaves include alkaloids which in giant quantities will be poisoned. Drink water decoction of the leaves Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa)moderation everyday.
Part effects 

E. Leaf Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa)

Gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa) plant involves the aspect potassium, fundamental oils, alkaloids justicin and slightly toxic. Pregnant ladies will have to not devour this herb seeing that it could possibly intrude with pregnancy.

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