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Beauty tips use Cowpeas

Beauty tips use Cowpeas

A. Description

Beauty tips use Cowpeas
Cowpeas (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) D.C.) Is a member of the tribe vines Fabaceae (Leguminosae). Buds and younger pods are used as greens. plant vines, hiking or twining, furry  power.

1. STEM cowpeas

Cipir tree has inexperienced stems, no longer woody

2. LEAF cowpeas

The leaves are inexperienced, compound leaves with three youngsters, leaves alternately, Stipule circular form egg-lanceolate, the leaves don't fall, leaves taper on the ends with pinnate pertulangan. Petiole three-12 cm, 1.5 to five.5 cm rakis

3. Curiosity cowpeas

flowers winged crimson-green to dark pink, flora bisexual, sessile up to 5 mm, petals with long tubes of four-6 mm, corolla blue, light blue, beige, or reddish, with a flag virtually circular or oval-broad, as much as 4 cm × three.5 cm. Flower form of butterfly, the composition includes 2-10 buds that develop from the armpit leaves, stems wreath 5-15 cm, 1-10 cm, rather bushy.

4. FRUIT and cowpeas SEEDS

Winged fruit is inexperienced when younger and black and dry when old, 5-21 with seed grain, fruit pods kind a line or elongated oval, square-formed, winged angle, 6-forty cm × 2 to 3.5 cm.
Winged seeds are circular with a diameter of 5-10 mm, yellow, brown to black, often white, normally mottled.

Cowpeas grown vegetation twining vines and has a cylindrical form and segmented rod, rod length up to 4-5 meters attain, green, leaf shape tapering intermittent four-14 cm broad, flower shape form of butterfly that grows each axillary, fruit form elongated oval-shaped rectangular, with rounded seeds, yellow unisex brown to black.

Winged fruit in addition has the potential to be vegetables, fruit turns cowpeas has different benefits for wellness.

B. Content material

The winged bean vegetable also has benefits and advantages for well being, so that you could give the outcomes of a drug that may remedy more than a few illnesses. As for one of the most content material of vitamin or nutrition contained in Winged are: Water, Carbohydrate, fat, Protein, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, diet C, diet B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin) , B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenat), B6, B9 (folate), flavonoids, saponins and tannins.

C. Beauty tips

1. Preserving the skin moist and prevents drying out and flaking.
2. Delaying aging and also eliminates wrinkles or great traces on the face.
3. Superb consumed for pregnant ladies, considering the folate content material in it is pleasant for retaining the fetus or youngster. In order to more strong growth and restrict incapacity.
4. Tender menstruation or coming month as well as do away with the effects and influences got. Corresponding to relieving affliction and belly churned.
5. Make the face stays fresh, flushed and light get rid of.
6. Tender digestive procedure is very good to be a eating regimen to minimize the stomach.

D. Winged bean advantages for well being

1. Slimming the body and sexual arousal

By way of the Arab group, Pakistan and China, winged seeds which can be used as average medication for skin wellbeing, body slimming and adorning sexual arousal.

2. Eye drops and ear

Fruit winged potion will also be eye drops, right here is how:
Use some winged bean leaves, then boiled with somewhat water except boiling.
As soon as cool drops into the eyes and ears.

3. Treating ulcers

Fruit winged potion can be a cure ulcers, right here is how:
Use 5-10 winged bean leaves, then mix with fennel pulosari, then follow to a boil.

4. Enhance your bones

in which the calcium content contained in these winged bean vegetable, very high. So from there you should use to strengthen your bone situation. Sights such as the calcium contained in these veggies, can help to build bones to be enhanced. So from there, vegetable cowpeas may additionally help the body to produce power optimally even in a state of weak point and suffering.
Accordingly, these winged more often than not consume veggies, which you can make traditional components to nourish the bones to your body.

5. Replacement meat

study gurus discovered that the content material of calories, protein, fats and carbohydrates in cowpeas is much larger than the content of these materials in meat.

6. As an antioxidant

Tocopherol operate as antioxidants is very good for pregnant and lactating moms. Pregnant and lactating ladies are advised to consume legumes such as cowpeas to hinder anemia.

7. Low Calorie

Winged is one vegetable that is low in energy. In a hundred grams of winged bean contains roughly forty nine calories, however it's also rich in vegetable fiber content material is good in your food regimen application being run.

8. Healthful fats

even though it's strolling a application of eating regimen, does not imply not to devour foods that contain fats. For the reason that fat is truely additionally very integral for the body's hormonal steadiness and cowpeas metabolism. With regularly devour these fats can meet day-to-day.

9. Rich in Folic Acid

Folic acid is needed for DNA synthesis and mobilephone division, additionally avert the occurrence of defects pregnancy and helps the progress of the fetus. Advantages winged containing folic acid as this path you ought to now not waste ya Herbaler.

10. Sources of vitamin

The veggies that include nutrition C and A as well as antioxidants, can boost the immune procedure and hinder the damage to DNA. The content of nutrients B and E, which can also be contained in cowpeas can to preserve the vitality of the physique, mood, and energy.

11. Excessive-Protein

Winged additionally included still in loved ones type beans - the equal beans have a high protein content so through drinking adequate protein intake cowpeas.

12. Drug thrush

In Indonesia bulbs cowpeas can be used as remedy thrush by way of delivered sugar cubes.
Thirteen. Wealthy in Calcium
in the cowpeas additionally has many minerals needed by way of the physique, one of which is calcium and phosphorus. So cowpeas are also ready to keep healthy bones and tooth.

E. Saute Recipes Anchovy

1. Material:

200 grams of cowpeas cut into small pieces, 50 grams of anchovies fried, 2 garlic cloves thinly sliced, four crimson onions thinly sliced, 2 pieces of crimson pepper reduce oblique, 1 tablespoon taoco, 1 bay leaf, 1 cm galangal overwhelmed, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, a hundred and fifty ml coconut milk, sugar and salt to style, cooking oil for sauteing

2. How to domesticate:

1. Warmness oil, then saute garlic, onion, pink peppers, taoco, bay leaves, and ginger until aromatic.
2. Enter the cowpeas and sweet soy sauce. Stir except rather wilted.
3. Enter the coconut milk, salt, and sugar. Cook dinner until well executed.
Four. Add the anchovy. Stir well. Raise.

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