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Fracture use Euphorbia tirucalli

Fracture use Euphorbia tirucalli

A. Description

Fracture use Euphorbia tirucalli
Fracture crops. Crops fractures (Euphorbia tirucalli) are broadly planted as a decorative plant one on the home web page turns are most commonly used as a usual medicinal plant with a type of homes. Plants fracture is a shrub that grows in the semi-arid tropical climate.

Vegetation from tropical Africa is like an open position in direct sunlight. In Indonesia planted as fences, ornamental plants in pots, or grow wild and will also be determined from the lowlands to 600 m above sea stage. Bush, grows erect, 2-6 m tall, woody base, much branched, gummy like milk toxic. Stems after growth of around 1 inch will likely be forked lying crosswise, and many others in order that it looks like branching broken. Broken bones have rounded cylindrical-shaped twig pencil, finely grooved lengthwise, inexperienced color.

The leaves are infrequent, discovered on the top branches of a young, small, rectangular shape, the length of 7-25 mm, rapidly fall. Plant life are the tip of the stem, within the form of compound interest are organized in a bowl, the color is greenish yellow. The fruit when ripe will burst and throw out the seeds. Besides being used as a medicinal plant, identified also branches and twigs that had been drained when burned can repel mosquitoes. Its sap is used to poison fish so without problems caught, but dangerous when on the attention can reason blindness. In Java, infrequent flowering crops. Multiplication may also be finished via stem cuttings

The names of the area to crop fractures:
Sunda: susuru, Java: wood urip, pacing laughter, Tikel cockscomb, Madura: wooden jaliso, ok. Leso, k. Langtolangan, okay. Tabar, Kangean: wood pieces.

B. Ingredients Chemical crops fracture:

Its sap acid (acrid latex), containing compound euphorbone, taraksasterol, laktucerol, euphol, resin compound that reasons a sharp feel of or injury to the mucous membranes, Kautschuk (rubbery substance), and bitter elements. Herba fractures containing glikosid, sapogenin and ellaf acid.

In our nation, particularly the island of Java, stems or bark of this plant are believed to heal fractures like its identify, as well as other skin ailments rather then the sap can pull out the thorn that caught. Furthermore, known in Indonesia, the plant fractures are also utilized in typical healing for a number of diseases such as melanoma, tumors, calluses, warts in Brazil, India, and Malaya. Vegetation which can be diuretics (urine laxative) can also be most often used as one substitute treatment for a kind of kidney problems, and the sap can be used to healing a toothache.

C. Natural medicine with fractures

nearly all components of the plant fractures can be used for well being. Roots and branches of crops fracture, for example, can remedy belly pain, arthritis, bone disease, syphilis (venereal ailment precipitated by using micro organism), hemorrhoids, ulcers of the nasal cavity, and nerve discomfort. Whilst the wood rod can treatment dermis diseases, leprosy, as well as numbness in the palms and ft field.
Methods to deal with illnesses with plants Fracture

1. Epidermis thorn or damaged glass

Components of the body or the dermis is pierced by way of a thorn or a glass we spread with sap fractures, fractures sap can remove thorns or glass by means of itself.

2. Calluses (Clavus) and warts

Take 1/2 kg of branches and twigs fractures. As soon as washed boiled with four liters of water unless the water is decreased to 2 liters. Components of the physique or dermis that has warts or calluses soaked in boiling water had broken bones in the heat for roughly half hour. After drying follow trusi param created from finely floor blended with egg white, then bandaged.

Three. Damaged bones (fractures) to your broken bones (fractures) can use a number of ways, particularly

The skin over the fractured bone fractures in Hirst with sap.
The outer skin is finely milled limb fractures, a damaged bone above paste, then bandaged.
Three/4 handheld stalks and leaves fractures, 1 handful srigi leaves, washed and finely floor. Squeeze with four tablespoons of salt water, warmed in short. Used to plaster the damaged elements of the body, then wrapped with lily leaves / bark cottonwoods. Replaced 2 x day-to-day

4. For diseases frambusi

put together handheld fractures 1/2, half of fist Smilax China, we washed and mash except delicate. Toss with 1 tablespoon of fruit sap kendondong (Spondias dulcis) and two tablespoons of papaya fruit sap. This herb we use to grease or plaster dermis sore. Do it twice a day.

5. For medicinal drugs that colossal mole and itching

Moles we rub with lemon juice, then with cotton moles lubricated latex fractures. Perform this therapy some instances a day, when it is dry is repeated. Watch out not to hit the attention.

6. Toothache

Take a number of drops of sap fractures with a smooth swab, then we apply on a sore teeth and hollow. Make this cure 1-2 instances a day, being careful not to involve the tooth healthful.


The sap fractures damaging to the eyes, it could cause blindness. When the sap fracture to the eye enter a quick rinse with coconut water or coconut milk.

Note :

Sap fractures so toxic that if the splatter can intent irritation of the eyes, and can intent heartburn and burning as good as result in vomiting if swallowed. When the poisonous sap which is contact with the eyes, it can rationale temporary blindness for a couple of days with symptoms will aggravate after 12 hours if not dealt with right away. Despite the fact that detrimental toxins from the sap of the plant fractures usually used as a normal insecticide and bactericide due to the fact that apart from toxic to nematodes that can harm the plant, can be used to kill the larvae of Aedes aegypti mosquito explanations dengue fever and filariasis Culex mosquitoes that intent disease (elephantiasis). The trick is to dry the plants twigs broken bones and burn them to repel mosquitoes

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