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Herbal Medicine use Ruta angustifolia

Herbal Medicine use Ruta angustifolia

A. Description

Herbal Medicine use Ruta angustifolia
Hebalife - Rue (Ruta angustifolia), this plant comes from the arena a part of Southern Europe and North Africa. In Indonesia, inggu crops grow within the Java field of ​​planted by means of residents in its own plantations.

Inggu reasonably high shrub that can reach a height of 1.5 meters. She has a cylindrical stems, narrow, has plenty of ramifications, and when crushed will motive odor. Compound double pinnate leaves are greener coloured light. The plants are in panicles common compound, exit finish of the branch, crown-shaped bowl, and bright yellow. Even as the fruits are small, oval, divided into 4-5 bins, and brown. Seeds of this plant is small kidney-formed and black. He was planted within the backyard in mountainous areas up to an altitude of 1,000 m above sea stage.

B. The content of crops inggu (Ruta angustifolia)

numerous the content contained on this inggu crops, including:
Katone, methyl-noniketone, modic acid, rutin, xanthotoxin, kokusaginin, 1-limonena, cineol, quersetin, flaveol, bergapten, edulinine, skimmianine, graveolinine, tannin, and pinene.

C. Herbal medicine Benefits inggu (Ruta angustifolia)

listed below are a couple of examples of the benefits of the efficacy of plant inggu (Ruta angustifolia) to overcome the disorder, and as well as how mixes for use as a usual treatment:

1. Jaundice

Recipe 1: inggu (Ruta angustifolia) leaf extract or sap that has been frozen for 3 pills dissolved in a glass of scorching water. Wait a at the same time until equipped to drink. If can drink at the same time still scorching. Take often every other day unless a healthy back.
Recipe 2: Wash 7 rue contemporary leaves after which boiled in three cups of water unless the rest 1 ½ cups. As soon as cool, strain and divide into 2 equal components. Drinking boiled water 2 occasions a day with 1 teaspoon of sugar cubes, every ¾ cup.

2. Dandruff

for individuals who have inhabited scalp dandruff including ringworm in different places, try to download the inggu (Ruta angustifolia) leaf to taste. Expeller and take the water. The juice add just a little turmeric and puree, and is now competent to be utilized to the pinnacle or other dermis diseases. Inggu The juice is also worthwhile for drops earache and toothache.

3. Seizures in children

If the child is generally a seizure on account that of the warmth, for instance, attempt to compress with vinegar marinade leaves inggu outcome. Surroundings it up, inggu leaves soaked in vinegar for roughly 1/2 an hour. After that compress the little one's head with vinegar answer previous. And try to maintain his head moist to get again to ordinary. This inggu (Ruta angustifolia) vinegar and leaves can also be stored preformance bottles for use when wanted.

4. Cholera in children

A child who most often vomiting, excessive physique temperature, and problem consuming, please take a twig inggu (Ruta angustifolia) finger. Add a teaspoon of water and first-rate salt to style. These materials are finely floor. After a tender liquid is squeezed out new drinking from the child.

5. Fever

Rinse half of inggu (Ruta angustifolia) fresh herbs, then boiled in three cups water until boiled keep three/4, when cool, strain and add honey earlier than ingesting. Drink three times a day 3/4 cup each and every.

6. Complications

Rinse a handful of contemporary rue leaves, then mash unless gentle, then attach to the temples.

7. Toothache

Rinse three inggu (Ruta angustifolia) fresh leaves, then rinse with boiled water, crushed with your fingers until soft, put into the hole toothache, then duvet with cotton.

8. Eczema and scabies

Rinse 20 rue leaves, 1 finger turmeric, and 1 teaspoon rice. Combination all ingredients until soft, add a bit of water to type a dough. Rub combination evenly on the epidermis affected by eczema or scabies.

9. weary

Rinse ½ handheld inggu (Ruta angustifolia) fresh herbs and boiled in three cups of water except the remaining 2 ¼ cups. As soon as cool, stress and drink 3 times a day with 1 tablespoon of honey, every ¾ cup herb.

10. Seizures Seizures

Rinse and 15-20 g of fresh rue leaves, reduce into small pieces, then boiled with 2 cups water except the remaining 1 cup. Once cool, stress and drink two occasions a day, each and every ½ cup.
Eleven. Medicinal drugs For Eczema and wound poultice Affairs
Take about 20 leaves inggu (Ruta angustifolia), 1 finger turmeric and 1 tsp white rice. Combination all components after washed after which rub on dermis areas that want to be handled.

12. Stimulate menstruation: 

A complete of 28 grams of dried herbs inggu (Ruta angustifolia) boiled in 3 cups water except the rest 1 cup. After chilling filtered, in a position to drink. Every time you drink adequate half cup.

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