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Herbal Medicine use Garcinia dulcis

Diarrhea use Garcinia dulcis

A. Description

Diarrhea use Garcinia dulcis
Mundu fruit is a fruit plant called Garcinia dulcis latin's existence is increasingly infrequent. Mundu itself belongs to the household of the mangosteen-mangisan. In Indonesia, the fruit is grown only in Java and Kalimantan. At the same time external Indonesia, it is grown within the Philippines and Thailand.

Glance mundu in look like persimmon. The change is, first, mundu has a rather flattened form of fruits comparable to mangosteen, even as long round persimmon. 2nd, mundu ripe brilliant yellow, yellow persimmon while little orange and included in dust like powder. 1/3, the fruit taste candy and bitter mundu, used to be persimmon candy style.

Mundu is believed to have natural homes are fairly powerful. That is when you consider that he has a sort of chemical content material. Chemical content material within the seeds and leaves mundu include saponins, flavonoids, and tannins. Mundu pharmacological results together with anti-inflammatory and antipeuretik.

Mundu or Garcinia dulcis is a form of fruit trees are more and more infrequent member of the genus Garcinia shut relative of mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) and tamarind kandis (Garcinia parvifolia). Mundu is believed to be native to Indonesia fruit vegetation that simplest develop in Java and Kalimantan, although this plant can also be grown in the Philippines and Thailand.

Mundu in Java, also known as flat, Baros or klendeng in Sundanese often called jawura or golodogpanto. In English, sometimes called the equal, or moendoe mundu. Within the Philippines called biniti or bagalot, even as in Thailand known as maphut. In Latin (scientific), mundu called Garcinia dulcis synonymous with Garcinia longifolia, and Xanthochymus javanensis.

Description and Distribution. Plant mundu (Garcinia dulcis) in the form of brief-trunked tree with a maximum peak of thirteen-15 meters with a conical canopy upwards. The trunk has a brown leather and has a kind of white sap to be turned into a pale brown when dry. Mundu rod-shaped twig almost overgrown lots rectangular with ease broken and fluffy.

Mundu leaves egg round to rectangular ellipse, the size of 10-30 cm and a width of 3.5 to 14 cm lengthy, light green when younger, higher surface darkish green and shiny, on the backside with a valuable bone protruding and hard, the veins of the leaves numerous and parallel, lengthy petiole as much as 2 cm. Mundu plants show up near the bottom of whitish yellow leaves and fragrant.

Fruits are round with a mundu upper and cut down ends slightly tapered with a diameter of 5-8 cm. Gentle inexperienced fruit while nonetheless raw and converted into a brilliant yellow (glossy) when ripe. Mundu fruit (Garcinia dulcis) has a size of 2.5 cm 1-5 seeds brown. Mundu fruit flesh is yellow and involves a lot of water. The fruit is sweet moderately bitter style.

Mundu timber developing in Indonesia (Java and Kalimantan) and has been implanted within the countries in Southeast Asia similar to Thailand and the Philippines. Habitat is lowland areas to a top of 500 meters above sea level.

B. Advantages of Fruit Mundu (Garcinia dulcis) To medicines

1. Wound

Grill eight g seed mundu (Garcinia dulcis) except charred, then finely minced. Sprinkle mundu (Garcinia dulcis) seed powder on the wound. Do it three times.

2. Mumps

Grill eight g seed mundu (Garcinia dulcis) unless charred, then finely minced. Sprinkle the seed powder mundu (Garcinia dulcis) on goiter.

3. Cathartic

For patients with biliary disorders, consuming fruit mundu (Garcinia dulcis) to wish to defecate.

4. Too much defecation

eating a little bit bit of recent younger shoots mundu (Garcinia dulcis) twice everyday.

5. Sprue

Grill eight g seed mundu (Garcinia dulcis) unless charred, then finely minced. Sprinkle mundu (Garcinia dulcis) seed powder on the wound thrice a day.

6. Diarrhea

mundu (Garcinia dulcis) younger shoots are used to deal with diarrhea with stew.

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