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Annona squamosa benefits health

Annona squamosa benefits health

A. Description

Annona squamosa benefits health
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Herbalife - Srikaya is a fruit plant that has a Latin title Annona squamosa L. And in addition has many names. In Indonesia on my own, there was a call to the all-round famous person, superstar ruby, seraikaya, serkaya, surikaya, srikoyo, Sarikaya, sirikaja, garosi, hirikaya, and so forth. Good, in case you place this fruit called the fruit of what?
If we appear on the leaves and fruit, sugar apple seems indeed quite similar to soursop, most effective smaller. It really works so well, either soursop and sugar apple has leaves which might be useful for the remedy. And it may be said that almost every a part of the sugar apple fruit vegetation can be utilized for natural treatments.

Sugar-apple fruit is a fruit that's really easy we now have encountered. If we're to market or fruit store fruit most likely is rather without difficulty be encountered. The devotees have been commonly making tons on the market locally. Correctly, no longer infrequently the humans who truly have a fruit tree itself. However thus far we best recognize srikaya as vegetation that have fruit that may be consumed at the same time now not fairly fully grasp in regards to the characteristics of the fruit itself. Listed below are the characteristics srikaya:
Srikaya have white flesh. If the sugar apple fruit is ripe it's going to opt for a sweet style and will prefer the bright black seeds.

Fruit sugar apple or fruit this woman has a spherical shape. Rind is characterised - have dermis with eyes (spots) resemble lumps are quite rather a lot and meets the dermis of fruit (nearly like soursop).

Srikaya to possess curiosity as much as 3-5 that show up in bunches. The flowers of srikaya each having a width starting from 2-three cm, with six leaves or flower petals, colour yellow-green and pink-coloured small spots. shaped sugar apple fruit is traditionally round and moderately pursed. Usual fruit sugar apple has a diameter of 5-10 cm.

Sugar apple bushes can grow on dry land, and the equal as the majority of the vegetation then srikaya additionally need sun rays straight.
Normal sugar apple tree will bear fruit when it's traditional at the age variety of 3-5 years.

Sugar apple tree has a top starting from 2-3 meters. Sugar apple tree has grayish color and bark really thin.
Srikaya fruit trees have leaves that criss-hose, javelin and longitudinal lengths ranging from 6-12 cm and a width of 3-four cm.

B. The content material of sugar apple tree

The tree contains the accessories of the plant is fairly major, one of which is the bark and roots. The bark and roots of sugar apple tree comprises many compounds that are really invaluable for human existence, even though many of the content material of sugar apple timber are additionally held in the womb in other vegetation. The content of sugar apple tree roots and bark of which can be:

1. The content material of the stem:

Alkaloids anonain, Flavonida, Kamphor, Terpene, borneol

2. The content material of the roots and bark of the tree

Saponins, tannins, polyphenols, flavonoids, borneol, Terpenes, Alkaloids anonain
advantages of leather Tree Roots and Srikaya
The contents of the foundation and leaves of sugar apple tree that has been stated, it's clear if a part of the sugar apple timber are root and sugar apple tree bark has good advantages to be used as a natural treatment in life.
The advantages that we will take from sugar apple tree roots, are:
Overcoming constipation, helps the healing approach of acute dysentery, Relieve mental despair, diminish levels of bone ache in the again.
Skin benefit Tree:
the advantages of sugar apple tree bark, are:
Treating diarrhea, As an external medicine, it may be used to deal with wounds that bleed.

3. The content of seeds and leaves Srikaya

within the seeds of sugar apple are compounds polyketides and compounds lin are compounds derived from bistetrahidrofuran, asetogenin (skuamostatin C, D, anonain, anonasin A, anonin 1, IV, VI, VIII, IX, XVI, skuamostatin A, bulatasin, bulatasinon, skuamon , ncoanonin B, neo desasetilurarisin, neo retikulasin A, skuamosten A, asmisin, skuamosin, sanonasin, anonastatin, neoanonin). It is usually located from skuamosisnin A, skuamosin B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, ok, L, M, up skuamosisnin N; skuamostatin B, protein, amino acids and fatty acids. Whilst the composition of the fatty acids is as a constituent fatty oil seed srikaya which includes methyl linoleate, methyl palmitate and methyl stearate.

4. Content material of Leaves:

apart from bark, roots and seeds, sugar apple leaves also contain chemical compounds, particularly the content of p-hydroxybenzyl-6,7-dihidroksi- 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline (demetilkoklaurin = higenamin), and alkaloids tetrahydro isokuinolin.
Sugar-apple fruit seeds can be utilized to beat:
persons with weak digestion, Worms (wonderful for a baby), and lethal head lice and insects.
Whilst srikaya leaves can be utilized to beat:
Worms, head lice, minimize levels of uric acid and high blood strain, diarrhea, dysentery,
Rheumatism, Rectal prolapse occurs in children, cough or fever,
For external use, that is, to ulcers, sores, boils, scabies, scabies and eczema.

C. Natural recipes from Annona squamosa

1. Ulcers and sores

Wash the contemporary leaves to taste, then milled unless delicate. Add a little bit salt, then use this herb for plaster and dressing the ulcer. In one day, change 2-3 instances.

2. Suddenly faint, calm the hysterical patient

Wash the fresh leaves to taste, then mash unless soft. Carry mill last leaf on the nose of the patient to odor inhaled with the aid of the sufferer.

3. Worms in youngsters

Wash the leaves of fresh sugar apple (15 pieces), then boiled with 5 cups of water except the remainder three glasses. Once cool, strain and drink thrice a day, each and every one glass.

4. Indigestion

Wash the leaves srikaya (Annona squamosa) contemporary taste, milled except gentle, then add coconut oil to taste. Stick it on the stomach.

5. Scabies

Wash the leaves of contemporary sugar apple (15 pieces), then milled except soft. Squeeze the water whiting one teaspoon and use it to rub the epidermis scabies. Do it twice a day.

6. Combating ticks

Bathe your dog fleas with water decoction of the leaves or seeds srikaya (Annona squamosa).
The trick, finely beaten leaves or seeds srikaya (Annona squamosa), add ample water, then pressure the water and use for washing the canine.

7. Turn off head lice

Wash the sugar apple seeds (10 grains) and leaves of fresh sugar apple (1 handful), then milled unless smooth. Add a little oil, then toss good. Apply on the scalp, then wrap with a fabric. After three hours, go and wash absolutely. Don't let the rinse water gets into the eye can intent inflammation and inflammation.

8. Fortify the boil

Take the contents of the fruit is ripe, then finely minced. Add a little salt, stirring evenly, practice on the boil, then wrapped with gauze.

9. Diarrhea

Wash epidermis stem srikaya (Annona squamosa), (6-10 gr), cut into small portions, then add brown sugar to style. Boil four cups of water unless the remaining 1/2. Once cool, stress and drink twice a day, each and every one glass.

D. Benefits of Annona squamosa

1. Restrict bronchial asthma

Srikaya (Annona squamosa) is among the fruits that have a variety of the content material of vitamin C. Nutrition C is one form of antioxidant that may later be used to avoid designated ailments, and one in every of them is asthma. So if there are persons around you have got bronchial asthma, you should advise utilising this srikaya fruit.

2. Control your blood sugar phases

Sugar-apple fruit has numerous fiber. In case you devour two pieces srikaya direction, then you definately must meet half of the physique's day-to-day fiber desires. No longer best that, the consumption of sugar apple fruit can also be believed to prevent the danger of sort two diabetes.

3. Lowering blood pressure

Fruit sugar apple includes potassium. Potassium is what will contribute to cut down blood pressure. Potassium is competent to manipulate the results of sodium contained in the physique.

4. Preserving a healthful heart

Sugar-apple fruit includes diet B. Nutrition B that can avoid the progress of homocysteine. Homocysteine ​​is a substance that may reason stroke and coronary coronary heart sickness if the quantity is gigantic. As a result with the diet B 6 in sugar apple fruit will support to hinder it.

5. Preserve inventory diet B

vitamin B is a diet that is needed by the physique for progress and progress of body functions. Now, with the riboflavin contained in sugar apple fruit will support to observe whether the physique's want for nutrition has been fulfilled or now not.

6. Helps the physique to provide power

Srikaya (Annona squamosa) involves thiamin. Thiamin is likely one of the components that can support to transform sugar into vigour. So in the event you all day lengthy day, can consume Fruit srikaya (Annona squamosa) thereafter.

7. Improve bones

Srikaya (Annona squamosa) fruit contains magnesium. Magnesium is demonstrated to help in preserving bone density with a view to stay strong. So no wonder, some dietary supplements will be no magnesium as its composition.

8. Preserve a healthy thyroid gland

Thyroid gland is the biggest gland within the body. It is located within the neck on the entrance. Thyroid gland to secrete enzymes that make a contribution to the physique named tyroxine. Srikaya (Annona squamosa) considering the fruit involves copper, it's going to support to stimulate happen of tyloid it.
Helps minimize bad cholesterol
The content material of niacin that is gift in sugar apple fruit can be worthy to broaden the good ldl cholesterol in our our bodies.

9. Hinder interruption of being pregnant

Folate turns is a member of the vitamin B, or in general referred to as nutrition B 9. The folate content material will help to restrict the prevalence of defects to the fetus of pregnant ladies.

10. Decreasing high cholesterol

Srikaya (Annona squamosa) has a tremendous content material of niacin that sugar apple fruit can shrink cholesterol stages for individuals with cholesterol. Normal consumption of this fruit will support to minimize ldl cholesterol levels within the human body.

11. It's excellent for digestion

Sugar-apple fruit includes high fiber, it makes the content of srikaya good for consumption for persons with constipation seeing that the fibers will be capable to able to facilitate digestion in people.

12. Excellent For Diabetes sufferers

additionally to bettering digestion, fiber contained in srikaya (Annona squamosa) can sluggish the rate of absorption of blood sugar within the human body with the intention to preclude us from diabetes.

13. Diarrhea

Srikaya (Annona squamosa) young fruit is equipped to treat diarrhea, the content material of more than a few nutrients and minerals contained in the fruit sugar apple may be very amazing to support treatment diarrhea.

14. Avoid Stroke

Sugar-apple fruit contains vitamins B with the intention to preclude the progress of homocysteine ​​with homocysteine ​​where gigantic quantities can rationale stroke and coronary heart ailment.

Pregnant women are prohibited from consuming boiled sugar apple fruit seeds.

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