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hypertension treatment make Impatiens balsamina

Hypertension treatment 

A. Description

hypertension drugs make Impatiens balsamina
Herbalife - Water boyfriend is a plant that's effortless to develop in a location that no water although slightly and multiply via seed. These vegetation come from mainland India and has the Latin title Impatiens balsamina Linn. In Indonesia, the plant can be a lot of water girlfriends meet the island of gods, Bali. There lady friend grown and sold water for Hindu worship of Buddha. Plants female friend had water colours are very numerous, ranging from white, crimson, crimson, crimson, yellow, and orange.

Plant advantages female friend water for well being. Lady friend water can be used as a natural medication or herbs. Water boyfriend is a plant originating from South Asia and Southeast Asia. Crop water female friend was once offered in america within the nineteenth century.


trunk watery, thick but now not woody and leaves a jagged area.


The leaves are lance-formed, up to the bottom has sharp serrations with a size of 6-15 x 2-3 cm.

3. Curiosity

Has a colorful flower (white, pink, red, or red) with an awfully striking colour
three pieces of flower stalks, petals subsequent to 2 mm, a third elongated 15 mm funnel-like spurs along the canted 20 mm. Uncrowned 5 pieces, four reverse heart-shaped hoof and a fifth off.


Oval-shaped inexperienced fruit, incorporate black seeds with an extraordinarily small size.
Lady friend water including annual vegetation and plants which have the wide variety of colours like pink, white, red or purple. Flower form resembles a water girlfriends small orchids. Lady friend water culms are trunked wet, branched, with single leaf, rectangular form elongated serrated light green verges with out Stipule.

Water girlfriend is also known as the Latin name Impatiens balsamina. His lady friend fruit water kendaga fruit, when ripe opens into 5 constituents twisted. Crop water very girlfriend favored bees and other insects that help pollination.

B. Water content lady friend

Its roots: many incorporate cyanidinmono-glycoside, lawsone, 4-naphthoquinone and 1-methoxy-l
components batangya: form pelargonidim-3-gluccoide, quercetin-3-glucoside, kaempferol-three-gluco-side and cyanidin-three-glucoside
The content material of curiosity: there are a lot of water girlfriends pelargonidin, cyanidin and delphinidin.
Water content material of seeds female friend: glycoside, a-spinasterol, beta-sitosterol, kaempferol, parinaric acid, balsaminasterol, and ethyloleate.

C. Herbalife Benefits female friend water

1. Hypertension

Hypertension or typically known as excessive blood stress can happen to each person. To deal with hypertension can use henna blossoms as a lot as 10 grams of water and a small celery a hundred gr. The 2d fabric is boiled with four hundred cc of water except the remainder half. Pressure and drink the cooking water.

2. Prevention and treat melanoma (carcinoma)

Recipe 1:
15 - 60 gr henna plant seeds boiled water with ample water, then drink boiled water 2 x a day earlier.
Recipe 2:
Take 15 grams of seeds female friend water and 30 grams of pearl grass (Hedyotis corymbosal). 600 cc boiled with water except the rest 300 cc. Filter and drink the water. Do it 2 x a day, even as still consulting with a medical professional.

3. Treat Swelling

Swelling in the physique can arise because of several matters, akin to biting bugs. How to manage with water utilising henna blossoms as so much as three-6 grams of finely ground with delivered white wine to taste or to make use of alcohol. Furthermore, the paste on ingredients of your body swelling.

4. Treating Ulcers

Ulcer is a ailment that can be tortured sufferer, specifically if there are particular areas. How to treat ulcers can use henna blossoms as so much water as 3-6 grams and leaf cocor (Bryophyllum pinnatum) 5 portions stewed duck utilising 500 cc of water unless the remainder 200 cc of water. Stress and drink boiled water previous in heat.

5. Treating Arthritis

Rheumatism generally hit the joints, resulting in a way of the agony within the discipline. To alleviate the soreness can use henna flower water are mashed carefully, and stick it on the affected phase.

6. Whitish

30-60 grams of henna leaves fresh water boiled with 2 cups of water until the water last 1/2. Filtered decoction. Taken 2 instances a day each and every half cup.

7. Addressing swelling or hematoma

8 florets lady friend finely floor water. Add white wine to taste
Then paste in part swollen and wrapped with a fabric. Exchange the bandage 2-3 instances a day

8. Deal with Inflammatory appendicitis

30 grams of henna leaves water and 30 grams of bitter leaf boiled with 600 cc of water except the remaining half of, after the cold boiled water is filtered and under the influence of alcohol, perform events.

9. Overcoming Hypertension

10 grams of henna blossoms of water and a hundred grams of celery boiled with 400 cc of water until the remainder half of, after bloodless filtered and drink the water.

10. Healthful Nails

All constituents of the water smoothed female friend, then stick it on the nail and bandaged with gauze to dry, do this several times every week.

11. Facilitating menstruation

Facilitating interval / launch period (emenagog), do 4-5 hump boyfriend root water, boiled with water until the remainder 400 cc to 200 cc, after which drink the water after being filtered. Do it three-4 occasions a day. Or it would be with a girlfriend seeds 6 grams of water and 15 grams of black meeting, boiled with water unless the remainder four hundred cc to 200 cc, then filtered and inebriated heat. Or a lady friend 3-10 grams of seeds of water, 30 g of fresh leaves of the gods, 10 grams of ginger, boil with sufficient water. As soon as filtered and water to drink.

12. Painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea)

10 grams of henna leaves of water, 15 grams of tubers sedges, 15 grams of black meeting, boiled with water then filtered and drunk.

13. Whitish (leucorrhea)

I eat: 30 grams of contemporary leaves of henna plant water, boiled with water except the remainder 600 cc to 300 cc, then filtered and inebriated. Or it could be with a lady friend leaves 30 grams of contemporary water, 15 gr dry bitter leaves, boiled with water, then filtered and under the influence of alcohol.

14. Inflammation of the skin (dermatitis)

three-6 grams of henna blossoms water, 5 leaves cocor duck (Bryophyllum pinnatum), boiled with water unless the remaining 500 cc to 200 cc, then filtered and drunk.

15. Excessive blood pressure (hypertension)

10 grams of henna blossoms a hundred gr small celery, boiled with 400 cc of water except the remainder 200 cc, filtered after which drink the water.

16. Again suffering (lumbago)

15 gr roots female friend water, 30 g mustard root sky, 15 grams of red ginger, boiled with 600 cc of water except the rest 300 cc, filtered, after which drink the water. Do it 2-three occasions a day frequently.

17. Diminish depressant in epilepsy (epilepsy).

Take 7 taproot and 15 thousand grams of dried leaves, boiled in 3 cups water until the rest 1 cup. Drink when signs arise.

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