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Slimming use Kaempferia angustifolia

Slimming use Kaempferia angustifolia

A. Description

Slimming Use Herbs
Scientific identify: Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc.
International title: Ciok task san nai (China).
Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc. belonging to the genus Kaempferia. In this genus are recognized most effective three species, namely Kaempferia galanga L (Powder), Kaempferia rotunda and Kaempferia angustifolia (Key pepet). The difference between the three species are located on the aroma of the rhizome, the shape of the leaf blade and stem size all. Kaempferia rotunda has slim leaves up to the width, and the trunk can all reach 50 cm. Pepet key (Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc) stature just like kencur (Kaempferia galanga) simplest distinguishable scent greatly. Together kencur (Kaempferia galanga), pepet key distribution center has a tropical Asian vicinity and may also be cultivated on the rhizome.

Lock Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc. an annual shrub, height 15-30 cm. Pseudo stem, forming rhizomes, greenish-white color. Single leaf, oval, flat area, soft, long 8-14 cm, 5-7 cm large, inexperienced. Compound interest, the type of the panicle, elongated rounded crown, yellow. Berry, ovoid components in white, the outside light green colour. Pepet key has exclusive properties chelates and funky and has efficacy stomakik and adstringen.

B. Content material of Chemistry and Pharmacological results

Pepet key has a style astringent and somewhat bitter. One of the vital chemicals contained in the important thing pepet, together with alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, polyphenols, and main oils. In the meantime, the pharmacological effects owned Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc., together with astringent, antidiarrheal, antidisentri, and carminative (laxative fart).

C. How plantings

Key plants pepet commonly planted as jewellery due to the fact of its gorgeous and precise experience existence's trip. Pepet key Rhizome efficacious as heartburn medicinal drugs, medication dysentery and diarrhea remedy as good as a physique slimming, while the flowers to reproduce breast milk. Rhizome Kaempferia Rosc angustifolia. Comprises alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids and polyphenols additionally to essential oils.

Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc. plant propagation can be finished using rhizomes are cut. Lengthy portions of rhizome will have to incorporate at the least one bud eye. Basically the key cultivation Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc. now not much distinctive from the kencur (Kaempferia galanga), and ginger. For seed specifications to be met are derived from vegetation or clumps dad or mum pretty historical age that's harvested at 8-one year. The progress of vegetation or clumps within the backyard when the parent regarded average and healthful. Sightings rhizomes visually seamless, there are not any signs or contain fungi rot.

Rhizome historical enough at the spoil, when the buds have no longer obvious the rhizome fragments was then aerated in advance throughout of 1 - 1.5 months and watering every morning and afternoon. This is finished to hold the condition of the seedlings and to accelerate the growth of young shoots. Additionally rhizome fragments had been stored within the first winnowing lined with straw, then the top of the rhizome is also covered with straw. After 1-2 shoots out and length reaches approximately 2-three cm, the seeds have a good and carefully hearts ready moved to the area.

On the planting of medicinal crops first floor will have to be dug deep ample in order that the progress of the rhizomes and nourished pretty excellent. Most of the time as deep as 25-30 cm. To hinder a puddle that can influence rhizome rot, it must be made beds-beds width of 1 - 1.5 m and size in line with the state of the situation. The space between beds made moat 30-50 cm with a depth of 30 cm. Planting the good seed is laying seeds one by one in the planting gap furnished with the position of the buds facing up. Next seedlings 5-7.5 cm deep underneath the soil.

The planting depth have an effect on the production of rhizomes. If the effect is simply too shallow rhizomes will diminish due to the fact that it will nourish the progress of roots. Conversely, when the rhizomes are planted too deeply feared to rot and now not grow. Fertilization in the type of manure at a dose of 10-15 tons per hectare used to be given three days before planting, unfold out on the mattress or the array procedure consistent with the path of the crop rows. Fertilization This should be performed for the condition of the land is hilly and despite the fact that fertile, due to the fact the vicinity has a slope colossal ample to make nutrients effectively washed out, with the addition of natural fertilizer or manure in a suitable quantity, is predicted to keep soil fertility longer and creates a sustainable agricultural methods. Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc. ideally organically grown, on account that it can affect the great of the results of the rhizome.

Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc. will also be harvested at the age of four months in a year so it will have to be done 3 occasions planting intensively. Nonetheless, for the seed crops should be left as much as one yr historical.

D. Herbs Medicine Used

Rhizomes and plant life Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc. can be used to treat a few ailments as follows.

1. Heartburn

Sliced ​​10 g recent rhizome Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc., then boiled in 1 cup water for quarter-hour. Once cool, stress the cooking water, then drink suddenly. Once a day.

2. Slimming

Sliced ​​10 g recent rhizome Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc., then boiled with 1 cup of water for 15 minutes. Once cool, strain the cooking water, then drink 3 times a day with the same dose.

3. Blood clots, thin the pus in the wound inner organs

cut into thin rhizome 20 g and 30 gr Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc.bitter leaf, after which boiled with 600 ml of water except the remainder 300 ml. Pressure the water boiled, and drink as good at some point when it can be heat.


Pregnant ladies are prohibited from taking this herb.
Drying: wash, steam, drying, then milled to a powder.

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