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cancer effective use betel (Piper ornatum)

Cancer breast effective use betel (Piper ornatum)  

Effective Cancer breast medicine

Recipe of breast melanoma:

Take 10-12 crimson betel leaves, snatch the rod can also be taken of crimson betel leaf, then Put the ingredients above into a container to be boiled. 3 cups of water (350 ml) to 1 cup (120 ml).

Drinking boiled water is as much as two occasions a day on a average foundation for a minimum of 1 month (30 days).

For patients with cancer, if you can usually and diligently take crimson betel leaf stew, in view that it makes it intricate cancer does not strengthen in the body if diligently devour red betel, below are a short review of red betel:

Efficacy of betel leaf has been trusted our ancestors for wellness, and up to date research suggests the benefits it has chiefly crimson betel leaf is particularly what it's. Attribute of tropical crops are trunked circular purplish green and flowering. Pink betel leaf surface shiny and uneven as well as the construction of pink tea-stemmed kind the guts of the center and tapered high.

1. Content of red betel (Piper ornatum)  

Cancer breast effective use betel (Piper ornatum)
among some of the compounds which are valuable and be contained crimson betel is the important oil, hidroksikavicol, kavicol, kavibetol, allylprokatekol, karvakrol, eugenol, pcymene, cineole, caryofelen, kadimen estragol, terpenena, phenyl propada, alkoloid, saponins, tannins and flavonoids.
Of usual compounds contained in purple betel giving properties and advantages of crimson betel, such as:

1. The compound flavonoids and polyphenols that act as antioxidants, antidiabetic, anticancer, and anti-inflamatik atisepik.

2. Olkoloid compound in pink betel can be used as a medium to inhibit progress of melanoma cells.

3. To scale down blood sugar levels and manipulate blood sugar diabetics.

4. Capabilities flexible for hypertension, hepatitis (liver infection), irritation of the prostate, eye infection, ulcers, breast cancer, uterine cancer, coronary coronary heart sickness, tuberculosis, piles / haemorrhoids, kidney disorder, painful joints, and develop stamina.

5. Red betel which has best homes additionally produce other benefits to stimulate the critical apprehensive, enhance the potential of pondering, improving the movement perostaltik (digestion), avoid untimely ejaculation, protect the liver, preclude diarrhea, and curb the secretion of fluid in the vagina.

6. The content material tannin functioning fatherly sickness heal around the belly, just as diarrhea. And as an antiseptic to treat wounds.

7. Some crimson betel leaves are boiled can be utilized as a mouthwash and do away with dangerous breath, treating nosebleeds, overcome purple eye, and vaginal discharge in females.

8. The purple betel leaves are processed into crimson betel tea can be utilized as a common medicine to deal with gout, ulcers and physical exhaustion.

9. Karvakol content material contained in pink betel leaves valuable as a disinfectant and anti-fungal, as a result serving as a mouthwash and a skin.
Even the efficacy of purple betel leaf has been virtually utilized by way of the Society of country indonesia hereditary. Furthermore to diabetes, the men and women there utilizing crimson betel as a natural medicine to treat diseases such as cancer, gout, hepatitis, fatigue and ulcers, infection, hypertension (high blood stress), and ambient.

2. The characteristics of red betel plant

A. Traits OF PLANT betel

Betel is a plant that grows vines or leaning on a further tree and is native to Indonesia, the following physical traits betel plant:
Is betel leaf attribute size is ready 5-8 cm and a width of two-5 cm, single leaves are heart-shaped, pointed finish, growing alternately, stemmed, and issued a savory smell when beaten.

Trunk function Betel is greenish brown, circular, segmented and is the basis exit
Betel is a characteristic flower-formed grains and compound vegetation are bract ± 1 mm elliptical. In adult males grain size is about 1.5 to 3 cm and there are two brief stamens being on feminine heads of its length is ready 1.5 to 6 cm the place there are stigmas three to 5 pieces of white and yellowish inexperienced.

Feature Fruit Betel is a round berry fruit fruit grayish inexperienced.
Its roots riding, round and yellowish brown.

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