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Cancer Medicine use Leaves of the soursop (Annona muricata L)

Cancer Medicine use Leaves of the soursop (Annona muricata L)

cancer medications utilising the leaves of the soursop (Annona muricata L)

Recipe 1:

For cancer therapy, sliced ​​10-15 leaves of the soursop (Annona muricata L) into a few pieces and then boiled, use 3 cups water to be just one cup, then strain and chill and drink this concoction each morning for 3-4 weeks. To peer the influence of improving your situation. Soursop leaves as a melanoma healing is one of the most potent drug up to now.

Recipe 2:

cancer prescription 2, substances 50 grams of soursop leaves dry, 2 tablespoons honey, methods to make it, boil 50 grams of soursop leaves dry with water 250 ml cooking with little water for approximately 20 minutes, then stress and cool, add 2 tablespoons of honey, consuming pursuits this herb daily, do at least 1 month on a general foundation. Soursop leaves can be utilized as a chemotherapy even more improvement given that handiest kill cells that grow abnormally and allow cells to grow mostly.

1. Morphology soursop

Cancer Medicine use Leaves of the soursop (Annona muricata L)
Soursop (Annona Muriata) is a plant that comes from the Caribbean, imperative the us and the United South. Plant is grown commercially for the flesh is taken. This plant can develop in any location, the most extensively grown within the area are particularly watery.

Annona muricata L aka soursop, is a plant that comes from the Caribbean, South the usa, and relevant america. He used to be one of the vital herbs that each and every phase can be utilized as a drug. Starting from fruits, stems, leaves, unless the roots have the homes of every that's individual.

Soursop comes from the Caribbean, crucial the us and South the united states. Soursop in Indonesia are imported by the colonial Dutch East Indies archipelago, particularly within the 19th century, although it did not come from Europe.

Soursop vegetation can develop in any position, is high-quality planted in the subject are quite watery, soursop can develop good at an altitude of a thousand m above sea level. The title comes from Dutch soursop Zuurzak which means sour bag.

2. Characteristic soursop plant


Soursop tree can reach a peak of 9 meters.
Growing pinnate, dark green, with a diameter of roughly three cm and 7 cm lengthy, soursop leaves have a special smell.


Soursop plant has a single flower and has a extensive variety in the pistil so-called flower compound. Flower crowns amounted to six sheet contains two circular, triangular in form, thick and stiff, yellow discharge and after aged will blossom and become. Flower soursop fruit is yellow aromatic.


Soursop fruit vegetation have yellowish inexperienced when ripe and inexperienced begin young once they handy or menthyl. Soursop fruit oval form and in addition the oval, with spiked black leather-based structure and no longer too sharp. The inside of the fruit is smooth, white and have a black-coloured seeds. Soursop fruit will not be proper, the size is relatively gigantic as much as 20-30 cm with a weight of two.5 kg. Referred to as is truely a collection of fruits (fruit mixture) with a single seed that coincide and loss of boundaries between portions. Soursop fruit flesh is white and has black seeds.

d. Seed

Soursop vegetation have black or brown seeds are round and oval with lengthy width of 16.8 mm and 9.6 mm. Has a number of very different attain 20-70 seed grains are average. If pure white seed method the seed is just not typical.

3. Content OF THE SUBSTANCE soursop plant

Soursop fruit contains numerous carbohydrates, above all fructose. The content of other vitamins and minerals are vitamin C, diet B1 and vitamin B2 which is particularly rather a lot.

Soursop fruit comprises minerals are phosphorus and calcium, had better levels of sodium (sodium) is low, however high in potassium (potassium), assessment of potassium and sodium is excessive notably effective within the prevention of hypertension.

Additionally to the dietary add-ons, soursop fruit can also be very wealthy in compounds nongizi. One in all them is to include lots of dietary fiber (dietary fiber), which reached three.3 g per one hundred grams of flesh.

Soursop leaves incorporate acetogenins, annocatacin, annocatalin, annohexocin, annonacin, annomuricin, anomurine, anonol, caclourine, gentisic acid, gigantetronin, linoleic acid, muricapentocin.

That is one purpose why the benefits of soursop leaves is exceptional on this planet, including in Indonesia which is rich in natural vegetation. Soursop leaves can inhibit cancer cells and cure cancer rapid and extra mighty than chemotherapy that produces some facet effects instead of a very pricey rate. 

In fact, experiences have demonstrated that the soursop has an active ingredient that is 10,000 instances more advantageous than chemotherapy towards cancer cells. For that reason, soursop leaf to remedy various varieties of cancer, together with prostate, lung and breast melanoma.

4. Nutritional content material Soursop Leaf

Soursop leaves a chemical plant quite often:
on the ripe fruit flesh has an natural and organic chemical compound by means of roughly eighty percent.

A. On the outer skin of the soursop fruit has 20 percent of the amount of vitamins and minerals.

B. Within the portion of it that the seed has a quantity of vitamins and minerals of healthy chemistry at eight.5 percent.

C. At the center of the fruit (core) has a number of vitamins and minerals by way of 4 percentage.

In precise within the soursop leaves are more officious as an natural materials is an predominant phase with quite a lot of the content material of healthy chemical compound with the range of the easiest nutrient in specified anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial tested to kill melanoma cells quickly, the following is the content material of vitamins and minerals in leaves and fruits of soursop ,
Calori: sixty five g, Protein: 1 g, fat: 0.95 g, Carbohydrates: 16.5 grams Fiber: three.2 grams Calcium: 14 mg phosphorus: 27 mg, Iron: zero.Sixty four mg, diet B1: zero.007 mg, diet A: 10 Potassium: 270 mg, Riboflavin: zero.06 mg, Niacin: 1.3 mg Tryptophan: 11mg, Methionine: eight mg, Lysine: 60 mg.

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