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hemorrhoids cure treatment

Hemorrhoids treatment

Hemorrhoids treatment natural 13

every leaf (Desmodium triquetrum)
How: For hemorrhoids medication, the leaves are first dried and pounded a rough powder. Some 15-20 grams of powder brewed with 300 cc of scorching water except late, then drink it all. At some point only one glass.

Leaves seating can be located from the lowlands to 1,500 m above sea level. Grows wild within the open with adequate daylight or somewhat color, and now not so dry. Herbaceous perennials, developing upright or uphill, top 0.5 - three m, with wooden legs. Circular rods, segmented, hard floor, branching simpodial, 2 cm in diameter, brown. Single leaves, alternate, leafy fulcrum, winged petiole width. Leaf blade lanceolate, tapered tip, the bottom price, flat facet, fork pinnate, length 10-20 cm, width of 1.5 to 2 cm, younger brown, after the darkish green. Compound curiosity, tassel, out of the tip of the stem, crown butterfly shaped pink and white colour, smooth-haired, base attaches. Pods, size 2,5 - 3,5 cm, width 4-6 mm, bushy, containing four-eight seeds, younger green, after the dark chocolate. Seeds are small, kidney form, the colour is gentle brown. Propagation with the aid of seed.

Chemical content material of leaves sitting

hemorrhoids cure treatment
Leaves, fruits and roots Desmodium triquetrum involves saponins and flavonoids. Additionally, the leaves contain polyphenols and roots also incorporate tannins.

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