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hemorrhoids traditional treatment

hemorrhoids traditional treatment

hemorrhoids treatment herbs 12


Pay spines (amaranthus spinosus)
the way to make :
Take 250 grams of spinach with thorns, handheld leaf washed, milled with three tablespoons of cooking water and a little bit salt. This beaten squeezed and filtered. Fluid taken 2 occasions a day.
The content of spinach thorn: amarantin, in general, potassium nitrate, pyridoxine, iron, phosphate salts, nutrition A, C, and okay.

Description of spinach with thorns

Spinach with thorns has the Latin name (amaranthus spinousus) including amaranth plant species. These plants grow wild within the yard, a area or on the streets of the village. Nevertheless, now not many be aware of the benefits of this plant from carefree existence, so that left even revoked due to the fact that it is regarded as weeds.


      Root plants like spinach thorn root spinach vegetation traditionally, which has a stable root method.
Spinach plant stem thorn is small round, soft and watery. Stems develop upright can attain one meter and branched monopodial. The trunk maroon. Which is characteristic of this plant are the spines located on the bottom of the stems of this plant.

      Having a single leaf. Greenish, round form elongated egg (ovalis). Leaf length of 1.5 cm to 6.0 cm. Leaf width of zero.5 to 3.2 cm. Obtusus leaf suggestions and leaf base acutus. Petiole circular and surface opacus. Petiole size of zero.5 to 9.0 cm. Bone structure of spinach leaves and thorns penninervis side repandus leaves.

       flora are in axilaar rod. Vegetation are unisexual, green. Each flower has five crowns. 1.5-2.5 mm in length. Set of flower-shaped grains to the male plants. Even as the feminine flora spherical rod contained within the armpit. This interest entails interest inflorencia.
         The fruit is oval-shaped green with a size of 1.5 mm.
  The seeds are shiny black with a length of between zero.Eight to 1 mm.
Different names:
Kerui spinach (Lampung); spare prick (Sunda); eri spinach, spinach king, wheel spinach, spinach cikron (Java); tarnyak thorns, tarnyak lakek (Madura); kikihan spinach, spinach is capable, kerug pasih (Bali); kedawa mawau, Karawa rap-rap, Karawa in asu, Karowa Kawayo (Minahasa); sinau katinting (Makassar); Podo maduri (Bugis); maijanga, ma hohoru (North Halmahera); baya (Ternate); Loda (Tidore).

The content material on Spinach Duri:

Amarantin, movements, spinasterol, hentriakontan, tannins, potassium nitrate, calcium oxalate, phosphate salts, iron, and nutrition.

Advantages of Spinach Duri

Spinach with thorns, generally considered one eye. In evaluation to average vegetable spinach, although it is the identical, this plant is rarely touched. In fact, many do not realise, furthermore to delicious, full efficacy of this plant, to therapy various diseases equivalent to dysentery, ulcers, vaginal discharge, respiratory issues, bronchitis, as well as expedite and improved milk construction. This plant additionally has the residences entered coronary heart and kidney meridian. Getting rid of heat (antipyretic), laxative urine (diuretic), eliminates toxins (anti-toxin) eliminates swelling, stop diarrhea and cleans the blood. These crops are also: sweetness, bitter and cool.

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