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Hemorrhoid home remedy 3

Hemorrhoid home remedy

Piles or hemorrhoids usual medication

1. Prescription drugs Hemorrhoid three

material :
purple leaves (Graptophyllum pictum) 14-15 g (Plant shrubs, about 2 m high. Leaves a single assembly, oval form, flat aspect. Frame pinnate leaves, higher surface bright, 15-25 cm long, 5-eleven cm huge, leaf colour purple to dark purple, parts: saponins, flavonoids, and tannins), 2-three glasses of unpolluted water.

The right way to Make Potions
For hemorrhoids drug, 20 grams of recent leaves dry after which boiled with 2 cups of water in the course of the 25 minutes. After cold filtered decoction and drink 2 occasions a day, morning and afternoon. Participate in events in order that the hemorrhoid be cured.

2. Traits OF THE LEAF crimson

Top 10  HemorrhoidsPink leaves (Graptophyllum pictum Griff) is broadly used by the people of Bali in the making of choices, for instance. Pink leaves is a herbaceous plant, although no longer many persons be aware of the benefits of the fashioned and most strong of those crimson leaves, can be utilized as a treatment for hemorrhoids or piles.

Purple leaf is a herbaceous plant, aged continual (perennial), a peak of about 2 m. Rod aerial, woody, cylindrical, erect stems, pink green, the inside of an excellent, gentle, branching simpodial (predominant stem is not apparent), the direction is upward sloping branches. Single leaf, composed face (folia oposita), deep purple colour, length 15-25 cm, width 5-11 cm, leaf blade thin rigid, shape oval, pointed tip, base tapering (acuminatus), flat area, frame pinnate ( pinnate), shiny surfaces (nitidus). Compound interest, emerged from the stem end (the terminal). Fruit real field (capsule), oval, brownish purple color, form-white round seeds. Taproot, the high simplest reached three meters. Quite often grows wild within the countryside or grown as a decorative plant. Crimson leaves suitable to develop within the low altitude 1250 meters above sea degree.

3. Deskripsi

Habitus: Shrubs, top ± 2 m
Trunk: Woody, segmented, gentle, greenish crimson
Leaves: Single, opposite, ovate, pointed tip, base tapering, flat side, pertulangan pinnate, upper surface shiny, size: 15-25 cm, width: 5-eleven cm, pink, dark pink
interest: Compound, on the tip of the stem, petal base attaches, the ends of sharing 5, purple, stamens four, hooked up to the crown of flora, stems purple sari, anthers purple-black, bud shape of a tube, the tip of the five bertaju, red
Fruit: box, oval, brownish pink
Seeds: round, white
Roots: Stables, gentle brown

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