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Hemorrhoid home remedy 1

Hemorrhoid home remedy | Hemorrhoid remedies

Prescription drugs Hemorrhoid

fabric :

Billowing roots (Sterculia foetida) 5-10 gram, Bark kapok (Ceiba petandra) four-5 gr, bark kesambi (Schleichera oleosa) four-5 gr, bark Jelema / penarahan (knema cinerea) four-5 gr, powder pedes gr ½, ½ Tuak gr
the best way to Make Potions
Mash unless delicate billowing roots, bark kapok, kesambi bark, bark Jelema / penarahan, hot powder ½ gr. Then add the wine, mix unless blended.
Practice on the affected section except you heal hemorrhoids or piles.

The traits of the components hemorrhoids

1. Hemorrhoid home remedy use (Sterculia foetida)

Top medications Hemorrhoid
Classification trees Kepuh
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta (flowering plants)
category: Magnoliopsida (dashed two / dikotil)
Order: malvales
household: Sterculiaceae
Genus: Sterculia
Species: Sterculia foetida L
billowing timber have trunks are tall and giant. The peak can reach forty meters and a trunk diameter of the bottom of this tree can reach 3 meters.
Billowing branches develop horizontally and assembled at approximately the same altitude, are stratified.
Billowing tree leaf is a compound leaf menjari, elliptic with pointed tip and base. At precise instances, these bushes shed their leaves.
Plant life billowing placed on the tip of the stem or twig. At first, the billowing flowers grayish yellow, then red.
Billowing seed amounted to 10 to fifteen eggs per fruit. The colour is black, and hooked up with a yellow aril. Size of 1.5 cm - 1.8 cm.
Fruit huge billowing moderately oval form, measuring 7-9 cm with a width of approximately 5 cm. Fruit dermis is thick and hard with a depressing purple color.

2. Hemorrhoid remedies use Wood Randu (Ceiba pentandra)

Top medications Hemorrhoid

Kapok or cotton (Ceiba pentandra) is a tropical tree belonging to the order malvales and household Malvaceae (beforehand grouped into separate households Bombacaceae), derived from the northern part of South the usa, principal the us and the Caribbean, and (for the form C. Pentandra var. Guineensis) originated in west Africa. The word "cotton" or "cured" can also be used to consult fibers produced from the seeds. The tree is also known as the Java cotton or Java kapok, or silk-cotton tree. Also known as Ceiba, the genus title, which is a sacred symbol in Maya mythology.
Kapok tree is a tree of lifestyles in the native rain woodland in South the us to West Africa and then unfold via seeds that glide between the continents of South the us and Africa. Within the tropics, this tree has been planted as in the Forties to produce a product deliver as the stuffing of auto seats and likewise buoy. Kapok is a tiny hairs connected to a seed that grows within the fruit after the white or crimson plants that had fallen earlier.
This tree of the family Bombacaceae but moved into the household Malvaceae. This is considering the fact that the kapok, pink silk cotton tree, which additionally produces cotton, still have spouse and children with hibiscus trees and fruit durian. Kapok tree observed in tropical rainforest and towering exceptionally different bushes at a peak of 60-70 meters (200-230 toes). Kapok tree is deciduous leaves in the course of the dry season (may just to October) within the tropics.

Seeing the kapok tree itself is a attractive view, with and without curiosity. Excessive above the canopy of the rain woodland, majestic cottonwood tree stands tall and for the duration of the flowering season, a group of purple flora, white or yellow when the nights of the division is so lovely.
Within the woodland, bushes kapok tree itself is conveniently identified on the grounds that the stem is big (up to three meters in diameter) and have spikes. The vegetation as a rule bloom before the leaves emerge. Much less savory scent for the duration of flowering, the plant life of this tree has a pungent scent. This smell used to be competent to attract fruit bats are believed to support pollination and in addition spread seeds. Kapok seed is brown and circular like peas.

3. Hemorrhoid home remedy use Kesambi Schleichera oleosa (Lour.) 

Description Botanical

Top medications Hemorrhoid
Kesambi tree can attain a top of up to forty m, with a diameter up to 2 m. Regularly kesambi invariably crooked tree trunks and cutting timber and buttress. The dermis is delicate, grey. The stem is cylindrical, wrinkled, thin, short hair reddish yellow when younger with unique glands, black, and fawn like ashes. The leaves finned even, children mostly like the final leaf tip leaflets.
Lanceolate leaf shape, alternate, 11-25 cm long, 2-6 cm extensive, flat edge, a pointed tip, pertulangan pinnate, stem round, size + 1 cm and green. Plants located at the branch leafless, repeatedly placed diketiak leaves, faded yellow to faded green. Kesambi curiosity is compound interest, formed bunches, in axillary or finish of the rod, sheet four-6 petals, united at the base, spiked, inexperienced and white crown colour. Fruits and seeds are round with a diameter of 6-10 cm seeds, fruit composed of 1-2 seeds, surrounded by using the dermis be

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