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Leukemia cancer natural cure

Leukemia cancer natural cure

Herbal recipes for Leukemia

Recipe 1 : Leukemia cancer natural cure

a. Fabric
half of hand-held parasite tea tree (Loranthus), 10 leaves sour (Andrographis paniculata), 10 portions of stalk and leaves gotu kola (Centella asiatica)
b. How to make
Rinse all substances, then boiled the complete cloth with the ultimate five cups of water to approximately three cups. After that, remove and stress.
C. Usage regulations
Herb drink three instances a day after each meal, every 1 cup for 1 month.
When situations progressed a bit though, retain to drink the potion recipe next.

Recipes 2 : Leukemia cancer natural cure

a. Fabric
2 seeds ginger and white (Curcuma zedoaria) of the duck eggs 1 Intersection mango seed (Curcuma amada) of duck eggs
b. How to make
Peel, wash and thinly slice the cloth. Then, boil all ingredients with 4 cups of water (500 ml) till the closing 3 cups (350 ml). After that, take away and pressure the herb.
c. Usage rules
Drink the potion 1 times every day after food, every 2/three cup.

Recipe 3 : Leukemia cancer natural cure

a. Material
50 grams of clean ginger and white (Curcuma zedoaria) (20 grams of dried ginger and white), 25 grams of periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) Dry, 25 grams of dried crown god (Phaleria macrocarpa) pulp, 30 grams of dried grass pearls (Oldenlandia).
b. How to make
Rinse all components. Then, boil four cups of water (500 ml) till the last three cups (350 ml). Lift, and pressure.
c. Usage rules
Drink this aggregate three times a day, each 2/3 cup.

Characteristics of natural ingredients leukemia cancer

1. Parasite (Loranthus)

Leukemia cancer
Leukemia cancer 
Parasite (Loranthus, Loranthaceae tribes) are a collection of obligate parasites of vegetation that live and develop at the stems (branches) of timber different plants. Parasite can be determined without problems on the massive timber inside the tropics. This plant produces a plant sap sticky. Parasite different plant pests. Parasite has roots suction can suck nutrients from the host plant. Root parasite is able to pierce the stem of flowers, later sucking juices that feed on flowers. Thus, it will lose the stem of the plant pollen consuming and ultimately die. This parasite is assessed as a parasitic plant (parasitism). 

Mistletoe grows on the branches of plant life with hen intermediary. Parasite has small fruits, when completely ripe sweet taste. The fruit is eaten small birds and swallowed along with the seeds. At the time of the hen clutter, mistletoe seeds will pop out with chook droppings. If the parasite seed was attached to the limb, then the seeds will grow into new plants. We can view parasite in vegetation round us like mango, Advocates and starfruit.

M. Cochinchinensis is a much branched shrub. Ranting with Internode enlarged. Short-stemmed leaves, elliptical to lanceolate, from time to time ovate, bald from three.Five to 17 times from 1.Five to 7 with a slightly pointed tip, similar to leather-based, vibrant. 5-7 flowered wreath within the armpit, occasionally in the document on the antique avenue. Short flower stalks. Petal tube ellipsoid, circle three mm lengthy, crown periphery could be very quick. 

As an grownup crown shoots 1-1.5 cm period of the bottom half of wide, inside the center with six wings, above narrows right into a narrow reed, finishing in a blunt mace, yellow or yellowish-green, darkish brown in at the wing, yellow to pink on the tip, crown ultimately some distance again arched and twisted. The element that is freed from stamens three-5 mm in period. 

Anthers shape a club. Fruit spherical bullets, 6 mm lengthy, darkish violet brown finally. Growing up on the diverse forms of timber. Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that attaches to a tree as Growing host in the center plains to the mountains of the height of 800-2100 meters above sea degree. Flowering in June-August.

Chemical content material contained on the parasite Parasite vary relying on the host in temeline example parasite that grows on flora tea and coffee are sought in addition to the chemical constituents Kofein, tannins, and essential oils. While the parasite is hooked up to the espresso crop may also contain Kofein, dextrin, protein, acids, denim, phosphates and carbonates.

2. Bitter (Andrographis paniculata)

A. CHARACTERISTICS sour (Andrographis paniculata)
Leukemia cancer
Leukemia cancer 
an herb (gentle-stemmed flora because they do no longer form a timber) which grows upright plant top is about simplest forty-ninety cm. Purple vegetation, grows properly in low altitude of 700 meters above sea level Sambiloto can grow well on rainfall 2000-3000 mm / 12 months and the air temperature is 25-32 tiers Celsius. Moisture it needs, such as slight, ie 70-90% by irradiation rather old.

B. CONTENT OF THE SUBSTANCE / NUTRITION bitter (Andrographis paniculata)
Here are a number of the active aspect in the leaves, flower stems, and roots of sour plant.
Calcium and sodium
Flavonoids which among different matters serves to save you and spoil blood clots.

Volatile oil (essential oil) that are useful as anti-inflammatory
Andrographolid substances. This substance produces a sour flavor in the wonderful bitter. Generally, those materials are toxic.
Alkane, ketones, aldehydes, acid grit, and resins.
Potassium befungsi boom the amount of urine whilst assisting her out.
Laktone which serves as an anti inflammatory and antipyretic because it includes neoandrographolid, anrographolid, deoksiandrographolid, 14-deoxy-eleven, and 12-didehidroandrographolid.

3. Gotu kola (Centella asiatica L. Urban)

Leukemia cancer
Leukemia cancer 
Plants kola discount sweetness and funky, wild vegetation which develop vines, many grown in plantations, fields, roadside, and the rice field.
Gotu kola is an annual herbaceous plant that grows spread and bloom at some stage in the yr. Plants will thrive when the soil and the environment appropriate to be used as ground cowl.

Substances contained within the plant Centella asiatica, amongst others: incorporates asiaticoside, thankuniside, isothankuniside, madecassoside, brahmoside, Brahmic acid, brahminoside, madasiatic acid, meso-inositol, centelloside, carotenoids, hydrocotylin, vellarine tannins and mineral salts along with potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and iron. Vellarine current materials leave a sour taste.

4. Gathering White  (Curcuma amada)

What morphological traits of white meeting:
This plant comes from the Himalayas. On the island of Java, it grows freely at an altitude of 5-750 meters above sea degree, specially below the teak forests. As for the cultivation of the vegetation, the seeds used are the rhizome or young seedlings; in Java it flowering in early August and leads to May.

This herbaceous plant grows upright up to 2 meters excessive. Rhizoma large, with a faded yellowish brown flesh. The important tuber rounded with masses of short branches and root tubers. Each pseudo stem leaves have lengthy midrib 5 ± 1 meter. Its leaves measuring 35 x 13 cm; with bone mom purple leaves.
The flora develop laterally from the rhizome, length 22 cm ± sixteen cm panicle duration with green petals at the base of the panicle and panicles of crimson on the stop. The flora are pale yellow.

5. Gathering Mango (Curcuma Mango)

Intersection Curcuma Mango Mango, Intersection mango or in scientific language additionally known as Curcuma mango Val and van Zijp. Intersection mango flowers from the island of Java (Indonesia). However, within the subsequent development of these plant life spread to several places within the Indo-Malaya. Intersection mango constitute herb plants that may attain a peak of two meters. Intersection mango plant (Curcuma mango, Val) have among 7-15 cm huge leaves and white flora. Rhizome faded yellow inside and smelled resembles a mango.
The morphological characteristics of the plant Curcuma Mango Meeting is as follows:
Plant plants emerge from the pseudo stem. Corolla white or white with a purple area. Flower season generally takes place in September-December, but often additionally occurs in August to May.

Rhizome creeping interior and on the ground, time and again branched. The principal rhizome textured hard. Rhizome outer yellow like lemon or yellowish with white edges like a young mango. Rhizomes have a flavor and colour as a younger mango so-called Intersection mango. Rhizome buds and younger shoots are called wasteful. These shoots can be eaten as a salad prepare dinner or blended ointment.

Intersection mango restrained increase at a chilly temperature in Indonesia. Intersection mango has certain characteristics, amongst other spots consisting of tuber tuber ginger and pale yellow (beige). In the clean situation it smelled like mango mango and while it's been extracted or used as a powder, the color is still yellow (beige). Intersection mango is used to save you and help treat cancer.

Intersection Intersection plant mango salad or include essential oils, however has not been broadly studied. Substances contained within the rhizomes Intersection mango efficacious as disillusioned belly, returned pain, bruises, skin sicknesses, bronchitis and asthma, as well as sprains. In addition, the roots collecting mangoes also are efficacious as a laxative wind, reinforcing the hull, plant appetite, fever due to contamination, antidote, frame slimming and urine laxative.

Intersection mango has its blessings and efficacy of natural remedies that have long been utilized by our ancestors. Intersection mango benefits as a herbal natural medication to overcome a few form of ailment, cannot be separated from the natural compounds contained inside the rhizomes Intersection mango.
Use of Intersection mango can be used by approach of rhizomes Intersection mango is eaten as a salad. Additionally boiled, or in juice, then drink the water. 

Substance or substances contained within the rhizomes Intersection mango efficacious as dissatisfied stomach, returned pain, bruises, skin diseases, bronchitis and acids, in addition to sprains. In addition, the roots collecting mangoes are also efficacious as a laxative wind, reinforcing the hull, plant urge for food, fever due to contamination, antidote, frame slimming and urine laxative.

The content material Intersection Mango
In addition to the herbal compounds which have been stated. Intersection mango consists of other natural compounds along with tannins and flavonoids are antioxidants and nutritious content material of sesquiterpenes are efficacious as anti inflammatory.

According to research by means of the American Cancer Institute Reports, collecting mangoes also incorporate RIP (ribosome inacting proteins) that act as inhibitors of most cancers mobile growth, solving the cancer cells without damaging the tissue cells of the body healthful and everyday, and assist stop the growth of cancer. Antioksian contained within the rhizomes Intersection mango function a deterrent from harm genes and content material of curcumin as an anti-inflammatory.

The most important contents within the Intersection mango that has been determined so far in is myrcene. Essential oils and jug kukuminoid content. For components of important oils on the Intersection mango Curcuma mango is a collection of monoterpenes hydrocarbons, and additionally in some sorts of foremost components mirsen, B-osimen, B-pinene, and a-pinene, and nenis compounds that would provide an aroma, as an instance just like the heady scent of mango and (Z) -B-osimen.

6. Tapak dara (Catharanthus roseus)

Leaves: come into one's vision consists of a single leaf leaves stalk (petiolus) and the leaf blade (lamina). Leaves approximately 2-6 cm long and 1-3 cm extensive, oblong leaves wake (ovalis), the end of a pointed leaf (acutus), the leaf base tapering (acuminatus), flat leaf edges (integer), leaves the bone pinnate (penninervis), sitting leaves contrary (folia decusata). Leaf floor bright and hairless.

Flowers: Includes bung compound bisexualis. There flower jewelry inside the shape of corolla 5 petal crimson tau off white, calyx includes 5 sepals off, with symmetrical plants actinomorph. Genitals include stamens are five pieces and layout anthera doorsifix. Pistillum numbered 1 piece format superum ovaries have 2 loculus, 2 carpellum, axillary ovulum format.

Fruits: Includes fruit tube scaly many black fruit.
Tread Dara plant (Catharanthus roseus L.) is one for plants is tremendous inside the tropics. These flowers come firstly from Madagascar this is also called periwinkle call Madagascar. At the prevailing time this plant has unfold nearly for the duration of area tropis consisting of in China, India, Indonesia, Australia, North and South America. Companies usually plant is often located as an decorative plant this is planted inside the the front backyard of the residence. This plant with a persistent form of shrubs much less than plant top of one m. Tapak dara plant has a beautiful flower colorations inclusive of pink, pink or white. Plant propagation complete vinca various regions, inflicting this plant has many local names.

7. Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa) 

A. Description Plants Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa) 
Fruit Benefits Mahkota Dewa This Is One Of Natural Herbal Remedy Wanted Many people both males and females. Traditional herb does have functions and utilities All Very Much So Mahkota Dewa Fruit Benefits Benefits And Side Effects For The Body Can Be Used For Hypertension Drugs, Cancer Drugs, Livestock Issues bird, Uric Acid Can Be Used As a Tool Even Skin Beauty Women. Well Here I Accidentally Gives Processing How To Benefits Of Fruit Mahkota Dewa's Can You Feel With Perfect has the Latin call Phaleria macrocarpa.

Crown gods is a plant that came from Papua, so not many human beings understand the form and color of these flora. In truth, if you know it, the content of vitamins that exist in the plant crown god such a lot of benefits and benefit. Fruit crown god himself reasonably spherical diameter reaches four cm, green Colour if in a raw kingdom and red whilst ripe.

Well, the leaves of the fruit of the gods crown on my own had a whole lot of benefit to cure numerous illnesses. Well, for the ones of you who are curious in nutrients and the blessings of their own gods crown of leaves, you can retain to consult the continuation of the subsequent article. Please be aware, that this plant is frequently utilized by the humans of China for remedy. You already recognise that the Chinese country isn't very professional inside the science of medication.

Mahkota Dewa is one archipelago native species originating from the Eastern Indonesia, Papua. Mahkota Dewa fruit is a herbaceous plant with a myriad of benefits as well as advantages. Used as a conventional medicine this is herbal and mighty and efficacious to treatment diverse diseases. It's all because at the Mahkota Dewa fruit contains many energetic substances which can be beneficial to the frame.

Nutrition and Vitamin B. Substance In Fruit Mahkota Dewa
1. Substance Polyphenols
Functioning as an anti-histamine or anti-allergic.
2. Substance Flavonoids
Serves as a facilitator as well as the prevention of blood vessel blockage. In addition, to reduce cholesterol and fat, thereby lowering the chance of coronary heart disease risks.
3. Substance Alkaloids
Serves as a detox to cleanse the harmful toxins within the frame.
Four. Substance Saponin
Serves as an immunity that produces anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Increased immune gadget so the body turns into greater healthy and away from diseases.

8. Grass pearl (Oldenlandia).

A. Feature Feature Grass Pearls
Feature Feature Grass Pearls; Perhaps the Indonesian populace not often pay attention to this one plant, due to the fact this plant grows within the yard of the house, the existing sewer in the street, so quite a few those who do now not realize this plant. When in fact this plant is wealthy in benefits were very plenty at all for the health of the human body. And to understand these pearls plant more, see the explanation I provide to you all to recognize this pearl plant-rich fitness benefits.

Part of this pearl grass stems square form, scaly bald and brief, branched and thick texture pearl grass approximately 1 mm and the shade green to grayish grey gently browned.

B. Section leaf
The leaves that appearance small and long leaves are about 2 to five cm, the ends of which taper, bone leaves one inside the center. The edges and the bottom of the leaf is tapered, its leaf colour inexperienced instead pale, and have small scales area leaf lengthy-stemmed leaves are short and feature brief hair at the cease.

C. Section roots
The roots of the grass plant life have upside-down pearls and has a line within the middle element around 1 mm and the roots branching thread-like.

D. The fruit and seeds of Grass Pearls Feature Feature
Pearl grass upright and barely inclined, the scale of the stem about zero.05 to zero.6 m. Feature Feature Grass Pearl that is one wild plant life together with on Rubiaceae circle of relatives organizations and regularly as the name of the region amongst which grass elbow elbow, leaves pearl, or a snake's tongue can also regularly with katepan.

Feature Feature Grass Pearl definitely want to develop type moist soil in the garden is empty and too wet. Home page segment, lessen and gutter. In the land of China plant is regularly utilized to function a medicinal plant, in addition to china india international locations and areas of Southeast Asia had been also using pearl grass for use as an aspect in drugs to deal with various styles of illnesses.

E. The content material of the substance that is in the characteristic feature of Grass Pearls ie
Compounds that exist inside the Grass Pearls among which materials uleanolat acids, iridoids, flavonoids, Ursolic acid content material. Urslat acid content material and content asan uleanolat has the advantage of stopping the prevention of cancer cells inside the frame. In line with some exams of laboratory trying out via numerous experts from pearl grass on a mouse. The consequences of this look at stated that the system induction orally with the content material of carcinogenic compounds stated that most cancers cells growing in mice and given medicinal drugs from extracts pearl grass can prevent as plenty as 30% and in stark assessment to mice not treated with the usage of pearl grass.

If the content material is inside the iridoid pearl grass may be made as anti-tumor, anti-microbial, and anti-hepatotoxic. If the content of that's derived from the content hepatoproteksi iridois regeneration This may be careful and do the formation of latest liver cells.

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