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Herbs Medicine use Ear Mushrooms

Benefits of Ear Mushrooms (Auricularia auricula) 

Ear fungus (Auricularia auricula) is a sort of fungus derived from A. Auricula-judae species and derived from the auriculariaceae own family. It is known as an ear fungus due to its shape that reaches the ear or the ear of a human.

In Japanese society, this fungus referred to as kikurage, in Chinese society known as Mu Er, is in English the ear mushroom is known as as Jews Ear / Judas'Ear.

A. Characteristics of ear mushrooms encompass:

1. Characteristics of this ear fungus is to have a chewy fruit body
2. However, inside the dry nation, the fruit body of this ear mushroom will become tough as bone
Herbs Medicine use Ear Mushrooms3. Mushroom fruit body shade is typically black or brownish black
4. The fruit body a part of the ear mushroom is fashioned like a bowl or like ears
five. The size of the mushroom has a diameter of two-15 cm, skinny fleshy, and chewy
In sparkling state, he has a chewy texture. Whereas if in a dry state, this fungus has a difficult texture which includes bone.

The system of vegetative replica on this fungus is via sprouting, conidia, and mycelium fragmentation. While generative reproduction takes place through using a tool typically known as the basidium to produce spores referred to as basidiospores.

Life cycle is sort of same to the lifestyles cycle of oyster mushrooms and shitake, which produces spores in huge quantities, small and light-weight shape whilst the fruit frame is getting old.

Ear fungus is one of the generally dried mushroom consumption first, then soaked with water in a quite brief time so that the fungus will return like the form and size of clean.

B. Benefits of Ear Mushrooms

Ear fungus has a huge range of health advantages

1. Reduce the hazard of cardiovascular issues

Ear fungus is one type of veggies are low in calories and has a high enough protein content. The fats content material in this mushroom is infrequently determined. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ladies ought to consume protein as a lot as +/- 46 grams consistent with day, and men as a whole lot as fifty six grams in step with day. Polarisaccharide content material contained in mushroom is thought to be activated as cardioprotoctive by way of growing superoxide dismutase pastime and reducing lipid peroxidation

2. Can prevent Alzheimer's problems

Ear fungus is one kind of food this is superb ate up with the aid of those who have already got antique age. Polysaccharide extracts determined in ear mushrooms were capable of display inhibitory pastime in opposition to one of the key enzymes concerned in Alzheimer's sickness.

3. Prevent inflammation and infection

Polarisaccharide extracts contained within the benefits of ear mushrooms for health are capable of showcase anti inflammatory homes. It is beneficial to conquer or deal with the infection and irritation that occurs in the mucous membranes.

4. As an antithrombotic agent

Polysaccharide extracts located in ear mushrooms are believed to inhibit platelet aggregation and increase in vitro and in vivo freezing time. Anti-coagulant activity happens because of catalysis of thrombin inhibition by antithrombin not by way of cofactor heparin.

5. Lowering cholesterol

In a look at carried out on mice stricken by hyperlipidemia. Studies have shown that polarisaccharide content material determined in ear mushrooms can decrease blood ldl cholesterol (TC), triglycerides and LDL. It can also increase HDL within the blood of the animal.

6. Prevent anemia

Iron is a very essential mineral in the production process of blood cells that is to produce a number of proteins inside the frame consisting of hemoglobin and myoglobin. This protein will carry oxygen at some point of the body. Iron deficiency inside the body can cause anemia, that is usually characterised by way of signs and symptoms consisting of fatigue, weak spot and dizziness.

The advocated consumption of iron for women and men over the age of 51 is 8 milligrams in line with day, and for ladies under the age of 50 it's far endorsed +/- 18 milligrams consistent with day. Each serving of ear mushrooms of 99 grams can meet the wishes of iron inside the body to reach 3% day.

7. Reduce the hazard of strain

The content of diet B-2, called riboflavin contained inside the benefits of ear mushrooms can help aid the immune system and growth the frame's capability to avoid stress.

8. Antidote unfastened radicals

A person's frame also wishes riboflavin to assist convert carbohydrates into glucose with a purpose to then act as gasoline within the frame. These compounds are also very useful to maintain wholesome hair, pores and skin, eyes, and liver feature. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) inside the ear fungus is also able to act as an antioxidant which can guard the body from harm resulting from the results of free radicals which can motive untimely ageing or growth a person's hazard for most cancers and coronary heart disease.

9. Treating stroke and coronary heart sickness

Stroke and coronary heart ailment is one of the diseases because of blood clots that in the end lead to blockage of blood drift to the coronary heart or to the brain. Ear mushrooms which have been boiled can assist reduce the hazard of this sickness is by way of supporting the method of blood thinning and can stability the blood inside the body.

Prescription Coronary Heart Treatment:
Receipe by means of manner of:
Boil 10 grams of mushroom, 40 grams of lean meat, 3 slices of ginger, five onions, 1250 Liter.
It was all boiled until the water left  bowls, then introduced a touch salt. The water is under the influence of alcohol each day for 45 days.
This may be very useful for the easy stream of blood within the body that later can make contributions in overcoming stroke disorders

10. To cast off poisonous results

Mucus contained in ear mushrooms may be beneficial for treating the frame being poisoned. For this reason, the blessings of ear mushrooms for the frame are regularly used to get rid of pollution in various food preparations. Ear fungus may be used as an antidote to toxins including vegetable toxins, poisonous pesticide residues, in addition to pollution derived from heavy metals.

11. As meals for the encompassing plants

Ear mushrooms are able to decompose lifeless wooden from the bushes that end up his vicinity of lifestyles, he'll go away the nutrients inside the soil, in order that different vegetation can take these vitamins for their growth and profits. In addition, at some point of the decomposition method, the fungus releases the carbon dioxide used by flowers to produce their food.

12. Treating hypertension

Some medical evidence has proven that the benefits of ear mushrooms have the strength of medicine which are very effective in reducing cholesterol levels and blood glucose stages. The results of fungal hypercholesterolemia can be the cause why this plant is said a good way to treat obstruction inside the arteries and veins, sclerosis of blood vessels and hypertension.
A person who has excessive cholesterol levels in his bloodstream can motive extra cholesterol inside the arteries and veins and might cause atherosclerosis and obstruction of blood vessels and arteries.

One of the causes of high blood pressure is the narrowing of the renal artery and through decreasing ldl cholesterol in some manner, then the possibility of constriction can be not on time.

13. Headache Drugs

Headaches can be cured together with your consuming ear mushrooms. Because, this fungus incorporates vitamin B1 which is robust to remedy a headache. If you have migraine illness, or headache due to menstruation, now not feeling nicely, there's no harm in attempting the advantages of this vegetable mushrooms.

14. Make Your Eyes Clear and Shiny

Want to have a clean and bright eyeball? Try the efficacy of low fat fungus mushrooms. Usually, someone whose eyeballs appearance dull and even yellowish due to the fact maximum eat oily meals.

15. Increase Appetite for Happiness

The advantages of ear mushrooms also can growth your appetite. So you emerge as voraciously devour. This fungus is well-known when you consider that long term can give curcuma effect. So no surprise, many nobles in the past are inclined to shop for mushrooms with high prices for his appetite. Even in trendy generation simply a variety of mushrooms that the rate is exorbitant.

16. Containing Vitamins and Minerals

Many nutrients and minerals contained inside the ear mushrooms make your body so wholesome. Some nutrients like vitamin C and B are simply so suitable for antibodies. While minerals inclusive of Potassium and Selenium are very good in power metabolism and enzymes.

17. Good for Pregnant Mom

Benefits Ear mushrooms are also able to nourish pregnant girls. Pregnant women often revel in low HB and dizziness. Not to mention the nausea, properly, you have to heal right now with this fungus.

18. Blocking the Nervous System Defects

If you need to have a wholesome anxious gadget, no defects, you need to consume lots of mushrooms this ear. The effect will immediately make you experience fresh.

19. Avoidance of Defect Neural Tube Deffect

Neural Tube Deffect is a risky neurological disorder. You have to avoid it immediately with this ear mushroom consumption.

20. Lower Triglycerides

The blessings of ear fungus also can decrease triglycerides, a fats this is shaped due to glucose metabolism. If the degrees of triglycerides for your body is immoderate, you may be prone to Diabetes. So earlier than this occurs, lower your triglycerides right away with the consumption of this fungus.

21. Stabilize the Mood

Have you been having mood swings currently? That is the mood adjustments too rapid? Mood rapidly modifications, once in a while unhappy, from time to time glad, brief temper, and other negative feelings. You can be disadvantaged of dopamine and serotonin. So without delay make your body able to produce that hormone sufficient, with blessings of this ear fungus.


The content of vitamins or nutrients of the ear mushroom includes moisture content material, protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, ash and strength value of 351 kal. Fat content in mushrooms, extra than 72% fat in this mushroom consisting of unsaturated so safe and wholesome if eaten. The vitamins in the fungus itself contain thiamine (nutrition B-1), riboflavin (vit-B-2), niacin, biotin, diet C, and so on. [6] Meanwhile, the mushroom mineral content material consists by using K, P, Ca, Na, Mg, Cu, and numerous different micro elements. Fiber content in mushrooms ranged from 7.4 to 27.6%.

The content material of nutrients / materials discovered in ear fungus in line with 100 gr is water 14.Eight g, 284 kcal energy, 9.25 g protein, 0.Seventy three g fat, 73 g carbohydrate, 70.1 g fiber, 2.21 g. In the ear mushrooms there also are various forms of vitamins and minerals. The types of nutrients present inside the ear fungus are thiamin zero.1/2 mg, riboflavin 0.844 mg, niacin 6.267 mg, pantothenic acid zero.481 mg, diet B6 0.112 mg, and 38 mcg folate. 

Meanwhile, minerals contained in ear mushrooms are calcium 159 mg, iron five.88 mg, magnesium 83 mg, phosphorus 184 mg, potassium 754 mg, sodium 35 mg, zinc 1.32 mg, copper 0.183 mg, manganese 1.951 mg, and selenium 128 mcg .

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